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Updated on November 15, 2010


The Sky

I love looking at the sky.  I love a bright blue sky – our children used to look upwards and announce it was “a blue sky day”.  The sun would be shining even though the trees and buildings would have obscured the great yellow ball – which we knew we could not spend more than a second looking directly at it.

I love being on the waterfront and watching the sun come up from the sea in the morning, and if on the other side of the country, watching the sun go down into the sea on sunset.

It’s the sky though that fascinates me.  The great shifting landscape painting that changes by the second.   Whispy clouds waft across the sky, great white balls that resemble cotton wool float and change with the high breezes making the cotton balls appear like they are rolling across the sky.

Planes fly high overhead leaving their jetstream like a white pencil drawing a straight line, that seems to smudge and float away and the white line melds into the blue sky again.

On sunless days the clouds change from white, to grey, to very dark grey or green if a hail storm is pending.

 It is an ever changing canvas, that has me looking up in awe.

 Feathered friends fly.  Planes and helicopters pierce the skies.

I think of the houses I have lived in, surrounded by trees, or buildings that block out most of the sky, and leave only a small canvas for viewing.  I recall living in China, where surrounded by buildings, not very tall, but from my apartment on the ground floor, they eliminated all view of the sky.  Pollution filled the skies on many days, and it was hard at first to determine which direction the sun rose, or where it went at the end of the day.  I love the great outdoors where the skies are a vast canvas that one needs to lay on one’s back and watch the changing skyscape.

Where I am living now, I have much of my sky view eliminated by trees, and houses, but I have one area, over a neighbours roof, that allows me a good view of the heavens.  I take photos from the deck. 

 On rainy days the skies are cloudfilled leaking water.  At stormy time, the clouds are dark and angry, and we can sometimes hear the loud dancing of angry gods in the skies, or see amazing flashes of lightening piercing the sky.

Today the sky is white – as if a great sheet of cotton wool is glued to the heavens.  A little grey in places, but bright white where the sun is obscured, and in places small patches of blue peep through.

Where I am.

paddington, queensland:
Paddington QLD 4064, Australia

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      6 years ago

      You have expressed your feeling well,I was doing some work for school, it helped me to gather some points, thanks


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