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Looney Tunes Bedroom DIY Decoration Guides, Ideas And Suggestions

Updated on September 18, 2014

How to decorate your bedroom with Looney Tunes theme

Start to decorate your bedroom with all types of cute Looney Tunes Bedroom Decorations now!

Looney Tunes is a classic cartoon show that have been popular since a very long time, many kids like the characters such as Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Taz and many more. It is said that the classic comedy cartoon show was Looney Tunes and the present comedy cartoon show is Spongebob Squarepants.

I have seen a lot of fans decorate their own bedroom with this theme. In doing so, they decorate their bedroom wall with Looney Tunes decals, posters and sticker. They also have a Looney Tunes bed, pillow and quilt for them to sleep on and a LT bedroom window curtain too. They even decorate their doors with Door Poster and doormat too. Even their toys and stuffs are part of the decorations, like Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and Sylvester Plush Toys Figure. Once you step into the room, you can feel the heat of the classic cartoon shows inside!

Legend: LT = Looney Tunes

Image Source:[Looney Tunes Tweety Bedspread Set on Amazon]

The Classic Opening Theme

Looney Tunes Theme Bed

When you want to start decorate your bedroom in a theme that you like, I would recommend that the bed should be changed first in the bedroom.

It is simple to decorate your bed with this theme, remember you do not need to spend a big amount of money buying a new bed. All you need to do is get a LT bed sheets and pillowcase, then you can change your bed and pillow with the cute LT theme bedding sets. Try not to leave some part of your bed out, like decorating your bed with LT theme and use a plain white, simple pillow because it will makes your decorations looks really weird.

For your bed, I think you can use a smaller size because this way it can make your bed looks cuter. But if it is not comfortable with you, then you should just have a big size bed because sleeping quality is important for a person's health.

Image Source: Amazon

TAZ Camouflage Bed Set

TAZ Camouflage Bed Set
TAZ Camouflage Bed Set

You might want to get a comforter for your bed too, so you can change them once you get bored of the same design. These comforters are great for your kids!

Window Decoration

One way to make sure your bedroom won't feel odd is to decorate your window with Looney Tunes theme too!

2 Ways to decorate your window

It is much more easier and faster to decorate your window with Looney Tunes theme by using 2 different window decorations, which is the window curtain and window decal.

Window Curtains and Drapes

If you want to decorate your window, you should first change the window drape or curtain, this will really steam up the atmosphere!

Window Decal

If you feel that your window is still a little empty, you can add some window decals or stickers on it to make it look more nicer. A plain and simple Looney Tunes window decal and stickers will do, try not to add too much decal or sticker because it may make the window looks a bit messy. So use one decal for one window is the best way to decorate your window.

Taz Keep on Truckin' Window Valance

Looney Tunes Taz "Keep on Truckin'" Valance
Looney Tunes Taz "Keep on Truckin'" Valance

I think there are a lot of kids who thinks that Tweety Bird is for girl, so you can get this Taz on Truckin Windows Drape for a boy. The colour is very cool and suitable for the Tasmanian Devil in Looney Tunes and meanwhile it brings some kind of cuteness with the designs on it too. This will be a good bedroom decorations for your cheeky little kids!


Kids Windows Drapes

Kids Windows Drapes
Kids Windows Drapes

Looney Tunes Bedroom Door Decorations

Remember to decorate your bedroom door too, if not you might feel that something is missing after you have decorate your bedroom.

How to decorate your bedroom doors

Bedroom Door Decoration

Looney Tunes Door Poster

It is important to make sure you fill your bedroom door with decorations, like poster, this way your bedroom door will not look empty.

Door Mat and Rug

After that you can add a door mat or rug to fill up your bedroom door

Door Sign

You can put a door sign outside your bedroom door to hint people that your bedroom is filled with cool Looney Tunes theme decorations!

Cartoon Characters TV Poster Print - Door Decoration

(24x36) Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters TV Poster Print
(24x36) Looney Tunes Cartoon Characters TV Poster Print

This is a Looney Tunes cartoon character poster print, you can paste it on your bedroom door to decorate your door. The design of this poster looks really good because it shows 9 cute different Looney Tunes character face, which looks like a family. This poster can also be use to decorate your wall too!


Door Sign

Put a door sign on your knob to tell people not to enter when you are busy inside your bedroom. It is also a good way to decorate your bedroom door

Bedroom Wall Decorations

Decorating your bedroom wall is important

How to decorate your bedroom wall

Wall Decorations

I would always recommend everyone to put on a wall clock first because, the wall clock is something that everyone have in their bedrooms and it will look weird with a plain simple wall clock in a bedroom with Looney Tunes theme.

After that you can start decorating your wall with all types of Looney Tunes decorations like art, poster or other decorations like calendars. This way you can prevent your wall from looking empty, but do not put too much wall decorations because it may make your bedroom look a little bit messy. Try to decorate your bedroom wall with decorations neatly and orderly.

Wall Calender

Wall Calender
Wall Calender

Wall Decals and Decorations

Wall applique and stickers can be used to decorate your bedroom wall. These cute products can be used for both boys or girls bedroom

Wall Decoration

This video shows a person who decorates his bedroom wall with a lot of Looney Tunes wallpaper. Although the wall is filled with LT characters it still looks very nice because it is pasted very neatly. You can use this video as a guide on how to decorate your bedroom wall!

Looney Tunes Bedroom Table Decorations

The last part of the decorations in your bedroom is the table!

How to decorate your bedroom table

Table Decorations

First of all you can cover your bedroom table with a LT tablecloth. Then you can add a Looney Tunes table lamp on it, your table decorations will be complete.

Looney Tunes Toy Figure: You can add some toy figures on top of the table. If you still have a lot of toys, you can put them on top of your cabinet to decorate your cabinet too!

Table Cover - Table Decorations

These are some of the Looney tunes table cover most of them are made with plastic materials. These table cloths are actually for party use, but the design is really very nice so you can use it for your bedroom table. Just try not to dirty your bedroom table cover to prevent it from becoming oily or leave some food smells on it. You can cut the table cover with a penknife if it is too big for your bedroom table, this is a form of DIY too!

Feel free to share your suggestion on other Looney Tunes bedroom decorations that was missing here.

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      Allwallpapers 3 years ago

      Hello All! I think you may love it: LOONEY TUNES cartoon wallpaper murals for childrens room just added to our store. Giant size 368x254cm - nursery decoration. Baby characters Bunny Bugs and his friends.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Great Ideas and Suggestions!!

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      anonymous 7 years ago

      Very cute bedroom sets for either boys or girls. Looney Tunes ROCK!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      You certainly found some fun Looney Tunes bedroom decorations.