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Lynchburg Realtors

Updated on June 21, 2014

Top Lynchburg Realtors

Lynchburg is one of those lovely new cities in Virginia where it's a pleasure to live. Lynchburg lies smack in the middle of Virginia and is often referred to as "The Hill City".

If you're considering buying a home in Lynchburg or any of the surrounding towns you might want to consider having a look at the Lynchburg Realtors Directory. The directory includes the top real estate agents in and around the Central Virginia area. The directory allows visitors to find all the listings of the top agents in the area. The lynchburg real estate agents featured on this website are the top players in their field. The site also gives direct access to MLS listings.

Top 5 Featured Realtor's in Lynchburg Virginia:

Jane Blickenstaff, Nadine Blakely, Teresa Almond, Matt Ripley, Teresa Polinek, Brandi Tyree, Christopher R. Gentry,Gary Foster, Daniele Mason and James Marston.

1. Jane Blickenstaff has over 35 years experience in the real estate industry and is without doubt the number one realtor in Lynchburg. Considering the fact there are over 700 real estate agents in the area, this is no small feat.

2.Nadine Blakely is another veteran in the real estate market. Nadine is one of those agents that always tries to exceed clients' expectation and this makes her a powerful force in the industry. Nadine is very active in the local community and gives generously to local charities.

3.Teresa Almond is a relative newcomer to the industry. She been involved with property sales for around 5 years at the time of this writing. She specializes in New Constructions. She has over 20 years' experience in the moratge industry.

4.Matt Ripley is the owner of Ripley Real Estate Advisors, L.L.C. and he has a broad backgroud dealing in all aspects of the real estate business. With an extensive background as an appraiser, Matt has seen and appraised a wide range of property types throughout Virginia for the past 10 years. His formal education and experience qualify him to perform appraisal services on nearly any property type and for any purpose.

5.Teresa Polinek has an extensive background in marketing and sales. She was the Vice President of Lamar Advertising, the 2nd largest billboard company in the US. She moved to Bedford County in VA, and she quickly became on of the top sellers in the area. In 2012 she was awarded as the top producing agent and also the number one in new construction and land sales.

Top 5 Realtor's In Lynchburg

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Jane BlickenstaffMatt RipleyNadine BlakelyTeresa AlmondTeresa Polinek
Jane Blickenstaff
Jane Blickenstaff
Matt Ripley
Matt Ripley
Nadine Blakely
Nadine Blakely
Teresa Almond
Teresa Almond
Teresa Polinek
Teresa Polinek

Areas Covered

Whether you're looking to invest in property or just looking for a great place to live in Virginia, the Lynchurg Realtors website is a great starting point. You will not only find the best agents there, but you'll have the opportunity to look at their current listings as well.

You can easily find multiple properties in the area you choose. The areas covered include:




Madison heights



Lynchburg City



among some others.

For a list of specific ZIP codes you can visit the directory and visit the listings page and do a search for the area you're interested in. Property pricices are starting to recover, so if your objective is to invest in property Lynchburg and surrounding towns and cities are an excellent opportunity for Real Estate Investment.

Sample Properties

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Sample of Properties for Sale in LynchburgSample of Properties for Sale in LynchburgSample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg
Sample of Properties for Sale in Lynchburg

In Reference To Real Estate Investing

In Reference To Real Estate Investing

Whether you're an experienced investor or not, real estate investing can be a tricky market to enter. Do not invest in any property before having it properly inspected. A seller might pay for the inspection, but can you really trust them if they use someone they know? Make sure the inspector used is a neutral party.

Investing in real estate is a long term deal. Some investors go for the quick buck by buying cheap and turning it back out on the market, but your better bet is a longer term approach. It is often more lucrative to park a larger investment in the property and make monthly rent, before selling it of.

Try to invest in the very best areas you can afford, for best results in your real estate project. Lynchburg is one such area. This is crucial since you can get more from the resale value with this type property. It's also a good idea to look for properties that don't have high maintenance requirements. Newly build properties are excellent for investing.

Focus on the plan, if your goal is to INVEST, don't make emotional descitions. Property investments are a business deal, don't get attached to a property if it doesn't make you a profit. Stay objective. Shop around extensively and if you happen to lose 1 deal because of this, don't worry about it, move on.

Remember that there are always more fish in the sea. It is easy to get distracted by a property. But consider the time and effort it might take to make before you can re-sell. Time is also a factor on your ROI.

If you're thinking about getting into real estate rentals industry, you're going to need a capable property manager. Because you will be relying on the rent to cover your mortgage, you have to ensure that the applicant has good credit. Otherwise, your investment becomes a money pit.

As the information you read has shown, to be successful with investing, you need to understand the market. Having read the tips presented here, you are ready to sally forth into the real estate market. Remember that it is an ever changing trade, so you must keep up on the most current information.

Looking for the right place to invest in? Lynchburg Realtors may help.

Lynchburg VA Map

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Lynchburg VA
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Lynchburg Real Estate Agents


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