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Backyard Canopy Gazebo Ideas

Updated on March 3, 2017

Update your Backyard Canvas Gazebo

Do you own an outdoor canvas top gazebo? With warm weather just around the corner it's time to clean up the backyard and set up the gazebo.

But if you're like most homeowners, setting up last years' gazebo can be disappointing when you find that it's no longer in pristine condition.

But the good news is that you can breath new life into your gazebo with just a few simple upgrades.

First, you'll want to check the metal frame structure to make sure it's still in good working condition. If you have problems opening up the gazebo frame, simply spray a bit of WD-40 lubrication on the elbow joints to get things moving smoothly.

Once it's set up, check for missing screws or clips to be sure the gazebo will be sturdy and not collapse. To ensure stability, you can easily tighten up any loose parts with a screwdriver.

If your gazebo structure was packed away and stored properly, you may find that you only need a new replacement canopy. If that's all it needs, then it's very easy to find a canopy for your gazebo model.

In fact most stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Target and Amazon sell a variety of canopies for different gazebo models. However, if you are ordering online, just be sure you have the correct size and that you are only ordering the replacement canopy. Here you'll find a few standard replacement canopies that work with a number of gazebo structures.

(Intro Photo Credit:

(Photo Credit:

Replacement canopies not only come in different sizes, but they also come single tiered or double tiered, which gives a "pagoda-like" peak. Additionally, some canopies include side netting or shear screening to keep the bugs out, so be sure to check what's included with your replacement canopy.

Also, consider color choices with your backyard in mind. Deep, rich colors like burgundy or hunter green don't show dirt easily, while a beige canopy is a neutral color that goes with everything. Either way, a new color is a fast way to update yur backyard gazebo for the warmer season!

A new canopy can make all the difference.


There are so many ways to enjoy your backyard canopy gazebo, so why not get the most out of it.

Gazebo Lighting - Lighting is a great way to update your gazebo and get more nighttime use out of it!

Another great way to update your canopy-style gazebo is to add a set of outdoor patio lights. Having the ambiance of lighting will make you want to spend more cozy evenings outdoors. Plus gazebo lighting is a great way to accent and decorate, especially for entertaining and outdoor picnics.

Patio Conversation Pit - A comfortable conversation pit under your gazebo makes the perfect outdoor living space!

Chances are, if you have some comfortable outdoor seating for your gazabo, you'll be spending more time under it, enjoying nature. Just a small conversation pit table with a few chairs is all you need to create your own outdoor oasis for intimate dining, lounging or reading.

Gaia, 3 Piece Conversation Set By Luxus Outdoor Patio Furniture Set Swivel/Rocking Chairs Porch Lounge
Gaia, 3 Piece Conversation Set By Luxus Outdoor Patio Furniture Set Swivel/Rocking Chairs Porch Lounge

Some outdoor seating for your gazebo will provide a cozy retreat in your backyard all season long.


Gazebo Netting - Keep your gazebo insect-free with sheer netting panels.

A nice idea for backyard picnics and cookouts is to keep the food, plates and drinks under the gazebo. And what better way to keep food fresh and insect free than to have netting. And when you're not entertaining you can enjoy a quiet, insect free day or evening simply relaxing without the annoyance of bugs.

10' Gazebo Netting
10' Gazebo Netting

Netting is essential for keeping insects out of your gazebo.


Double Lounge Chair - Grab a friend and take refuge from the sun under your gazebo by the pool.

Many luxury hotels and vacation resorts offer private gazebos with double lounge chairs by their pools to keep guests cool. But you can get five star treatment in your own backyard by adding a double lounger to your gazebo and relaxing in your own backyard poolside!

Outdoor Patio Gazebo Flooring - Interlocking wood tiles make an ideal platform floor for you gazebo!

One of the outdoor trends that I've been seen more and more of is interlocking wood tiles to create patio floors. They typically come in 12 foot squares, in a pack of 10 and depending on quality of the wood, pricing can vary. But the end result is a wood slat floor that resembles decking, without all the hassle of construction. It's the perfect weekend project for adding a floor to your outdoor gazebo!

Outdoor Bar with Stools - Enjoy warm weather refreshment under the gazebo with this stylish outdoor bar.

Drinks and cool refreshments will stay cooler when you put this stylish bar under your gazebo. Not only will you have a great place to entertain, but the gazebo will protect wood bar from harsh weather.

How do you enjoy your outdoor gazebo? - Tell us how you would most likely enjoy a sunny day in your gazebo!

What would you enjoy doing most on a sunny day in your gazebo?

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