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Magnifying floor lamps - I can see clearly now....

Updated on August 10, 2013

Magnifying floor lamps - light up someone's life

I wandered across magnifying floor lamps while adding items to my Squidoo article Practical gifts for very elderly senior citizens - it was almost as a light went off overhead (pun fully intended) and I heard angels sing!

I cared for my elderly Mom, Gertie, for the last 5 years of her life. I really wish I'd found the lighted magnifying floor lamps during that time as, particularly toward the end of her life, she was unable to read her beloved newspaper. With the use of a lighted magnifying lamp, she could have done just that and a little bit more.

If you have someone in your life whose eyesight is waning, the addition of one of these magnifying floor lamps might be just what the doctor ordered (ok, I promise - I'll stop with the puns). Come along with me and see some of the coolest magnifying lamps on the market.

That lamp in the picture is the Fulcrum Magnifier 12 LED Floor Lamp and is available on

Daylight Lighting Floor Lamps

These 2 lighting floor lamps both offer daylight lighting which is much easier to read by than an artificia lighting bulb. They relieve eye strain and are very efficient - up to 100,000 hours of lighting at your finger tips. Daylight style floor lamps also can help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (symptoms include lethargy and depression).

Daylight 24 402039-05 Natural Daylight Magnifier Floor LamCHECK PRICE

Verilux Original Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Another good daylight floor standing magnifying lamp

With two flexible arms to separately control the daylight lamp and the magnifier, this magnifying floor lamp can be set in a myriad of positions. The magnifying glass portion is even removable if you want to take it off but, why would you?! And, since this particular floor lamp is on wheels, it's transportable to almost anywhere.

Daylight Floorstanding Lamp CHECK PRICE

A 3-in-1 adjustable height floor lamp with magnifier

Perfect for the crafter within you

This low heat, low glare magnifying floor lamp will let you get up close and personal to any crafting project you choose. An attached clip will hold a picture, pattern, or instructions for whatever project you're doing. This magnifying floor lamp is a great investment as you can even use it as a table lamp - the enclosed clamp will allow you to clamp it to about anything.

Some reviewers note that the magnifying glass is too high but this is easily remedied by the arms are switchable so the magnifying lens can be brought to any position.

OttLite 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and ClipCHECK PRICE

Fulcrum Magnifier 12 LED Floor Lamp

One of the leading magnifying floor lamps on

The Fulcrum Magnifier Floor Lamp has a 5" diameter magnifying lens which would be perfect for perusing a magazine, doing needlepoint, or reading a book. The flexible gooseneck means that you don't have to 'set it and forget it' - you can fiddle around and move it anywhere you'd like. This floor reading lamp can either be plugged in or it can even be run on 3 D cell batteries. With an LED light bulb, your loved one will be reading for up to 100,000 hours!

Fulcrum Magnifier 12 LED Floor LampCHECK PRICE

Magnifying table lamps

Magnifying table lamps

I know, I know - this article is about magnifying floor lamps, but I got carried away when researching these wonderful lamps. Here's some great magnifying table lamps which would be perfect on a sofa table perched next to that favorite easy chair:

2X LED Illuminated Magnifier & Desk LampCHECK PRICE

Fulcrum Multiflex LED Desk Magnifier Lamp CHECK PRICE

Handheld magnifying glasses

An ultra slim magnifying lamp

This clamp on table lamp makes it easy to attach to a table, an easel or anywhere you need a little help seeing is one of the most powerful out there. It's also one of the most expensive so be sitting down when you click the link below....

Daylight XR Ultra Slim Magnifying LampCHECK PRICE

This lighted magnifying lamp is convertible to a floor lamp too with the addition of the stand (1st link below). And, there 2 more magnifying glasses you can get for it (also shown below).

Daylight Ultra Slim 4 Spoke FloorstandCHECK PRICE

Daylight 2.25 Magnifying Ultra Slim Optional XR Lens CHECK PRICE

Daylight U62002 Ultra Slim Swing Arm XR Lens,CHECK PRICE

Take a magnifying light with you!

These handheld magnifying lights will make reading sale tags or grocery labels a whole lot easier for those with poor eyesight. Most are small enough to carry about anywhere.

Vivitar Viv-mag-2 Set Of 2 Magnifying GlassesCHECK PRICE

Super Bright 6 LED 4x Magnifying GlassCHECK PRICE

3" Round LED Lighted Magnifier 4 PowerCHECK PRICE

5x LED Lighted Slide-Out Magnifier with Protective SleeveCHECK PRICE

Vivitar Handheld LED Illuminated Magnifiers Set of 3 CHECK PRICE

Optical Lighted Magnifold MagnifierCHECK PRICE

What did you think of Magnifying floor lamps?. I'd love to hear your comments.

Note: You don't have to be a Squidoo member to leave a comment - anyone can so speak your piece!

Comments welcomed!

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    • mariacarbonara profile image

      mariacarbonara 4 years ago

      What a great idea. Never though of one of these for the home

    • DvdMovieGirl profile image

      DvdMovieGirl 4 years ago

      Useful lens. I need to get my parents some better lighting, they are in their 80s now and seem to live in semi-darkness due to the huge cost of electricity in the uk. Maybe these would solve the problem.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      I sure need one or two of these magnifying floor lamps!