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Make a Green Cleaning Gift Basket

Updated on August 8, 2014

Why give homemade green cleaning products as a gift?

First of all, you're going to make the products yourself. The gift of time is precious, indeed.

Secondly, natural cleaning products are much healthier for your lungs and your skin than commercial cleaners with all their harsh chemicals. The ingredients you use will be products that can be found in your kitchen, laundry room, etc. Healthy and economical.


Gift Basket Contents - Your green cleaning gift basket will include:

  1. A kitchen bucket, preferably one that can be used for mopping floors.
  2. Microfiber cloths. They are useful for dusting, washing windows or quickly wiping down any surface.
  3. Homemade all-purpose spray, to be used for cleaning countertops, bathrooms or nearly any hard surface.
  4. No-rinse floor cleaner, for those quick, in-between wipe-downs.
  5. Heavy-duty glass cleaner that leaves no streaks.
  6. A spray bottle filled with water, just for whatever purpose comes along.
  7. Finally -- a bottle of homemade air freshener in any fragrance you choose.

Not sure what to do?

It's simple, really.

Follow the instructions below to make each of your homemade green cleaning products. Then gather all the gift basket contents, complete with homemade labels, and arrange them neatly inside the kitchen bucket. Top with a bow or some ribbon, or present it to your friend in a gift bag.

bottle of all purpose spray cleaner
bottle of all purpose spray cleaner

All-Purpose Spray

How to make an all-purpose spray cleaner

You will need:

~spray bottle

~1 tsp. Borax

~2 c. warm water

~2 Tbsp. distilled white vinegar

~1/2 tsp. natural liquid dishwashing soap

~10 drops lavender oil

~5 drops rosemary oil


1. Combine the borax and warm water in the spray bottle, or another container if that's easier.

2. Mix the rest of the ingredients with the first two, and shake well.

3. Make sure the outside of the spray bottle is clean and dry.

No-Rinse Hard Floor Cleaner

How to make a floor cleaner

You will need:

~bottle with removable cap

~1/4 c. distilled white vinegar

~15 drops lavender oil


1. Mix the ingredients together in an empty bottle. Multiply recipe if needed.

2. To use, shake well then mix 1/8 cup of the solution with one gallon of water. There is no need to rinse the floors.

heavy duty glass spray cleaner
heavy duty glass spray cleaner

Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner

How to make a non-streaking glass cleaner

You will need:

~spray bottle

~1 c. water

~1 c. distilled white vinegar

~1/4 tsp. natural liquid dishwashing soap


1. Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle.

2. Shake well; spray onto windows and wipe with a clean, dry lint-free cloth.

water spray bottle
water spray bottle

Water Spray Bottle

Simply fill the spray bottle with fresh tap water and add to the gift basket.

natural air freshener
natural air freshener

Natural Air Freshener

How to make a homemade air freshener, safe for people with allergies.

You will need:

~spray bottle

~1 tsp. vodka

~2 c. water

~25 drops your choice essential oil


1. Mix the vodka and essential oils together.

2. Add water and shake well.

3. Spray into the air as needed, avoiding spraying it directly onto furniture or clothing to avoid staining.

Presentation of the Basket

Ready to present your gift? Not quite!

Got everything together in the cleaning bucket? Now label each of your products with homemade labels, using a printer and copy paper, construction paper, crafting scissors, glue stickers... Make sure to list the ingredients and instructions for use. Then punch a hole in the top of each label, string ribbon through and tie each one to the appropriate bottle.

Not sure where to buy spray bottles? - Try these ones from Amazon.

I got all of mine for $1 each from either Target or Family Dollar, but you will find larger ones in the cleaning section of any superstore. Or, you could just try one of these bottles.

Whitney Design Plastic Spray Bottle ,Assorted Color.
Whitney Design Plastic Spray Bottle ,Assorted Color.

Trendy bottles for all-purpose spray or window cleaner.

Aluminum Spray Bottle - 4 Ounce by InterDesign
Aluminum Spray Bottle - 4 Ounce by InterDesign

This one would work well for your air freshener.


Who can you give your gift basket to? - Nearly anyone!

  • Know someone who is getting married soon? Make the newlyweds a healthy, green cleaning gift basket to keep their love nest safely clean.
  • Do you know someone with allergies? Natural, homemade cleaners are even safe for people with asthma or respiratory problems.
  • Is your child moving out on their own soon? Help them clean their new home in a safe manner with a green cleaning gift basket.
  • Who else would appreciate a homemade gift basket from you?

Questions or comments? - Share your green cleaning tips (or questions) here.

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