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Covering that Unsightly Rust on Your Fence

Updated on February 11, 2015

Making A Flower Garden

Looking to cover that unsightly rust on your fence? Why not plant some flowers that grow up the fence.

I am trying some morning glories. They grow all the way up the fence. As they grow the neighbors will see the effects, as well.

My neighbors want to see the effects of the garden growing on the fence. That rust has been on their for years. There may have been talk of tiring the fence down. Getting a new one. But, this will give the garden an antic feel to it. The rust will bend in with the flowers. .... as they should.

The neighbors have talked about building a butterfly garden in there otherwise larger garden. It should not take long for them to attract the winged creatures that may already occupy their garden in the late spring and summer.

As you can see, the area already has some very good looking grass growing in it. The grass that was by the fence is on the side of the house. It is not easy to grow grass in such a short time, so the grass is saved for later. Also, the grass may be used when a temporary pool is put outside in the summer.

To prepare your area use an edger. This will give you straighter lines as you dig the grass and dirt out of the grown.

The pool will no doubt destroy the grass ... creating a large ring of dead grass. You can create a circlular garden this way or you can just use an edger and Round-up to kill the grass and the weeds.

However, if you live in a very sunny state. You will want to keep the grass for later. If you like ... you could sell it to your neighbor. They pay good money for grass.

As you can see from the picture, the grass has been removed. No, the extra grass is not for sale. Grass seed does work in my state but the grass at the side of the house will work much better.

It will take a lot of soil to fell it back in.

DChance's pictures will be in this article.

Even Out

The garden is then widened and raked to even out the bottom soil.

This soil may not be great to plant in. As you can see the soil is very dry looking. Not too dry but dry the same.

You will need to make sure there are no grass or leaves in this area. You will want to see the brown dirt in this area.

It will take 6 bags of soil to fill this area in. We went to Menards for our soil but you can go to Walmart for soil, if you like.

Put Down Soil

Now, that you have soil you will need to pore the soil down in the whole you dug. You put the first bag in then use a rake to even it out.

As you add more bags, the soil will get almost as high or as high as your grass. This is when it is time to even out your soil, yet again.

As you can see, the soil is darker than the last picture of the dirt underneath. This will look very nice in your garden.

Plant Flowers

Dig out some soil near the fence then plant some seeds. I am choosing morning glory seeds. The seeds will work in 50 days. So, don't panic, yet.

I am starting off with 3 packets of seeds. If I need more, I can buy more.

Then, soil was put over top of the seeds.

There will not be a picture of that until later.

The plants here are planted away from the seeds. There are 12 of them.

Make sure to water them unless you know that it will be raining that day.

If you live in a dry state, you will need to water the plant every day. Even if you don't live in a dry state water the plant every day unless it rains until the roots are able to spread out.

A Month Later

As you can see the flowers are doing very well. The small leaves by the fence will turn into morning glories.

There are tomato plants added at the end. I didn't think they would grow but they are proving me wrong.

my photo of tomato plants
my photo of tomato plants

Not Quite Tomatoes

As you can see the tomatoes are no done. I thought they would just die but as you can see the plants are growing very well. There will soon be dozens of tomatoes on each plant.

Not bad for the first year planting them, huh? I will not be eating them but it is nice to know that the garden can produce them.

There is someone that will be eating them, as well as, my neighbor. I am sure they will be good.

This is in the same garden as the morning glories. They are still alive.

How the Flowers are Doing

I am sure you want to know how the morning glories are doing, so far. They are looking great.

They are growing up the fence.

I have lost the red morning glories but still will be getting blue and purple.

The green leaves in the picture shown will soon have flowers on them.

Growing Plants

This plants will grow up your fence.

No Flower, Yet

I am not only waiting for the tomatoes but the flowers.

I am so excited about the flowers. The amount that are spread out will give me a guess for next year.

There are only two packets of morning glories that were planted. The guess is that six packets will be needed next year.

The tomatoes will be moved forward to allow them space to stretch out.

If you look carefully you will see that the rust is still there. It is the black/brown on top of the fence. It is covered most of the way.

Green Tomatoes

The tomatoes have been growing very fast. They are still green.

None of my family expected them to grow this much. I know they should be spaced out but most were suppose to die. They looked all dryed out when planted.

As you can see the tomatoes plants are bigger than ever. We check on them everyday.

I hope to show a picture of the tomatoes when they are ripe.

The neighbors plants good on the other side of the fence, too. This is because of all the water we have been using for our plants. (They are looking forward to tasting the tomatoes, when they are ripe, too.)

Are you trying to cover some rust on your fence?

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    • SheilaMilne profile image

      SheilaMilne 4 years ago from Kent, UK

      I don't even have a fence - I sort of wish I had. :)

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Very helpful lens.