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Making over your kitchen to improve the chances of sale or let

Updated on April 24, 2014

Your kitchen is the number 1 reason for selling or letting your house

Your kitchen is the most important room in your house and when it comes to selling or letting your home it really can be a make or break reason for success or failure.

To improve your chances of selling or letting your home you don't need to have a total refit of your kitchen, you can simply have a makeover.

Replacement Kitchen Doors and Drawer Fronts

One of the easiest and most economical ways to improve the aesthetic of your kitchen is to replace old and damaged door and drawer fronts. It’s essential that your kitchen unit carcases as still sound. If they have signs of wear and tear around the hinges you can find kitchen unit repair plates at most D.I.Y and hardware stores. These cover any damaged areas and create a strong foundation for new screws and hinges.

Once your kitchen units are ready you can choose from a wide range of designs, colours and finishes of kitchen doors. There are even suppliers and manufacturers who will be able to create made to measure kitchen doors and drawer fronts if you purchased your original kitchen from a store that uses non standard sizes or has stopped trading.

Make sure you measure every door and draw in your kitchen and take a note of which side the hinge holes are and their position from the top and bottom of the door. Many replacement kitchen door suppliers will offer a hinge hole drilling service.

Replacement kitchen door handles can make a big difference
Replacement kitchen door handles can make a big difference

Handles and Hinges

Pair up your new kitchen doors and draws with complementary handles. This can really make a difference to the overall look and feel of the kitchen. The trend at the moment is towards more modern clean designs in chrome and nickel plate. However its worth thinking about your kitchen in relation to your house, if you are selling or letting a country cottage keep the kitchen in style as your perspective buyer or tenant is probably looking for the rural lifestyle, alternatively if it's a city centre flat then go for the more modern and sleek look with plenty of smooth clean surfaces and metallic handles.

Hinges can be purchased online at low prices and can give your kitchen a wow factor if you opt for the slow close variety.

Kitchen Lighting

How well you kitchen is lit can make a great impression on a potential buyer or tenant. Well lit bright kitchens appeal to people much more than dark and dingy ones, it sounds simple but its often over looked.

The simplest thing is to make sure all your lights are working and that you’re using the correct wattage bulbs. Consider under cabinet down lighting or even some ceiling lights. There are some great economical led ceiling lights available.

Dressing your kitchen

When a potential buyer or tenant calls make sure your kitchen is looking at its very best by staging the room. This can take many forms such as placing highly polished large bowls of bright fruit such as apples, oranges and lemons on work surface and place bright and engaging cook books on the surface. Make sure all washing up is away and that the surface and floor are clean. Some even suggest baking bread so the smell gives that homely feel.

How to measure drawers

Even though this video is for bedroom draws the method is the same for kitchen drawers

How to measure your kitchen doors

How to change a replacement kitchen

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    • profile image

      squidrocks 4 years ago

      Some essential ideas on how to make your kitchen more attractive to potential buyers. I will definitely try these ideas when I move next summer.

    • iprogress lm profile image

      iprogress lm 5 years ago

      @david-iphoneaccessories: thanks David, try the links some of the advice and services may help

    • profile image

      david-iphoneaccessories 5 years ago

      Great article, was looking for advice on stagging my house as its up for sale