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Shopping For Masculine Bedding

Updated on September 10, 2014
Mild Winter 3 Piece Quilt Set
Mild Winter 3 Piece Quilt Set | Source

Are you worried about buying that special man in your life the wrong bedding set? Probably one that he would never use on his bed because it is too "girly" or too "kiddish". Yeah, we all have someone like that in our lives. Or maybe your just a mom who is trying to buy her college son a new bedding set. Well your in luck!

Daniel Striped Patchwork Quilt Set
Daniel Striped Patchwork Quilt Set | Source

The Wrong Bedding Color

When shopping for masculine bedding, the first thing you should probably look for are the right colors. You don't want to choose colors that are too feminine.

What Color To Avoid

Nothing screams femininity like the color pink. Although a lot of men wear pink well, I wouldn't take the chance. Avoid it at all costs!

And what would be the opposite of pink? Blue, of course. A color that can never go wrong in a males bedroom.

Purple Bedding
Purple Bedding

What About Purple?

The color of royalty! Hmm....this is a tough one. I guess it really all depends on the shade of Purple. I personally wouldn't buy a solid purple bedding set for a man unless I'm 100% sure that he really likes the color.

But If I did have to choose, I would definitely go for a darker shade of purple combined with other colors. Make sure to stay away from any soft feminine colors like Lilac, Lavender and Mauve (unless it's for you, of course).

Purple Bedding For Men?

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What Bedding Patterns To Avoid

1. Cartoon characters - for boys it's OK, but not for any male who is 18 years or more. Sorry mom! An alternative would be sports bedding. Make sure to find out his favorite sports team. You do not want to get him a team that he does that like.

2. Polka Dots - This is a tough one. But I probably wouldn't get it for a mans bedroom. Choose stripes, square or plaid patterns instead.

Polka Dot Bedding For Men?

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3. Floral Bedding?

Dean Miller Surf Bedding Surf Tapa Comforter Set, Twin
Dean Miller Surf Bedding Surf Tapa Comforter Set, Twin

Soft, delicate and pretty like a woman. Maybe too pretty for a man? There are floral prints that some men would not mind. Tropical flowers are one of them. This is especially true If he loves the beach.

This bedding set is a great example of a proper floral bedding set for a man. The "surfer dudes" will love this one! See how the floral prints sort of fade in the background.


4. Are Hearts Too Girly?


I would say yes but there are some hearts that are acceptable. The tattoo heart can be one of them. Of course, it would all depend on the colors used. This bedding set can be very masculine because of the dark black background and the touches of blue. This is great for men who love tattoos and/or motorcycles.


Thanks for looking!

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    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      4 years ago from Alabama USA

      I like the collections you have here for mens bedding.


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