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How to Meal-Prep: The Invaluable Guide for a Busy Lifestyle

Updated on October 18, 2016

Getting Started with Meal Prepping

For many people, coming home and cooking after a long day at work can be a hassle that just isn’t worth it. After having a long day, most people want to come home and just unwind/relax — not spend the time they’d prefer to be spending relaxing or with loved ones cooking from scratch. Because of this, many people often opt for frozen meals or takeout; and while it is not bad by any means to have takeout from time to time, it can eventually become dangerous for your health — and your wallet.

Now, you may be asking yourself how you can avoid this. How can you possibly avoid having to cook meals every night of the week, while also avoiding unhealthy options? It’s a lot simpler than you might think — and the solution is meal prepping. By meal prepping and preparing meals ahead, you can freeze a multitude of meals, and have them available whenever you need them. There’s a variety of ways to begin meal prepping — some people simply double their recipe when making dinner, and freeze the leftovers, while many others actually prefer to dedicate a certain day to meal prepping. While the latter option takes more time, it often leads to more meals — and, there are ways to make the process go faster.

Make it More Fun with Family & Friends

Anyone looking into doing bulk freezer cooking may feel overwhelmed at first, for obvious reasons. It’s a lot of cooking to be doing all by yourself, all at one time. You don’t necessarily have to do it by yourself, however — you can easily make it a family activity and give everyone living in your household a “job” of sorts, to help with. For example, one person could be in charge of grating all the cheese for the variety of recipes you might be making with cheese, while someone else could be in charge of prepping meats. This way, everyone in your family is involved, and the process will likely go a lot faster than it would if you go at it by yourself.

For anyone looking for bonding activities with friends, meal prepping can actually be great to do with friends, as well. Set up a meal prep exchange or meet-up with close friends, and help each other make freezer meals — then, at the end of the day, exchange recipes or freezer meals, to switch up your meal planning schedule a tiny bit.

The Benefits of Meal Prep

Finally, meal prepping can easily save you a lot of money. If you happened to buy too much meat, you can easily use it for meal prep. Pop it into a freezer bag, with the ingredients you plan on cooking it alongside (such as vegetables or a sauce for the meat), and label the bag with contents. You’ll also be able to buy in bulk, which is often than not cheaper — and create your meals in bulk.

All in all, meal prepping is something that anyone with a busy schedule, or looking for a fun family bonding activity, should look into. It can save you time — and money — in the kitchen; and over time, as you get more comfortable doing it, can become more of a habit, and take less time for you to do.


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