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Melamine Faced Chipboard

Updated on March 12, 2014

What is Melamine Faced Chipboard

Melamine faced chipboard is a furniture grade product often used to construct common household items, such as Shelves, wardrobes and kitchen equipment. It's a versatile object that can be used to create a practical and professional end product. In this squidoo, we look at some of the uses for Melamined Faced Chipboard and how you can go about using Melamine chipboard to improve the look of your home or office.

Feel free to read through the article, or use the contents section below to quickly access the sections you want to read.

Common Uses Of Melamine Faced Chipboard

In this section we are going to look at some of the most common uses of Melamine Faced Chipboard and will be analyzing the type of products that Melamine Chipboard is suitable for.

mdf kitchen
mdf kitchen


The most widespread use of Melamine chipboard is in the kitchen as the material can be used in the construction of many kitchen products. Melamine chipboard is durable and looks great, so many people choose to use it when redesigning their kitchens.

Kitchen cabinets and frames are the most common uses for the chipboard in the kitchen, as you then have multiple options of materials to blend in with. For instance, a kitchen cabinet made of Melamine chipboard will allow you to have much more choice over the rest of the kitchens design due to the chipboard being simple and consistent with many regular kitchen parts. If you were to have a taylor made kitchen cabinet, it would usually look out of place and incoherent to mix and match the common types of materials used throughout.

shelving melamine faced board replacements
shelving melamine faced board replacements


Using melamine faced chipboard in shelving is not only a cheap alternative to buying pre-assembled shelving, it's also an extremely practical solution to finding shelves that blend in with their surroundings. Shelves made from melamine chipboard can be cut to any size, and with most manufacturers providing the chipboard in a range of colours and styles, it's easy to find a suitable design that compliments the surrounding environment.



Melamine faced chipboard is an ideal solution to create a cost efficient and stylish wardrobe for the bedroom. Many commercial wardrobe suppliers charge a lot of money for pre-assembled wardrobes, but it's possible to pay a fraction of that price if you use melamine chipboard due to the low purchase price and the little effort required to set up and install the product. What's more, you're in total control of the dimensions and look of the wardrobe, so you can create a look to your specific specifications rather than having to settle for commercial and often unattractive designs.

You can also use melamine faced chipboard to construct bespoke bedroom cabinets and wardrobes. It's possible to create a unique fitted bedroom wardrobe for the fraction of the cost.



There are a large range of accessories available for you to use with Melamine Faced Chipboard. Whether you're looking to create a stunning range of work surfaces in the kitchen or simply add some charm to your bedroom with a chest of draws, finding the right accessories can be a challenge. If you're planing on using your chipboard in the kitchen, you don't want handles and doorknobs that were made for a bathroom, and vice versa. Thankfully, a company exists that has a wide range of accessory products for you to choose from, split up into different sections on their website.

The Melamine Faced Chipboard Store has lots of choice when it comes to accessories. From a range of stylish handles, to practical hinges and wall brackets, Melamine faced chipboard store has it all. If you're looking to create your own product using melamine faced chipboard, you can't go wrong with the accessories available. Whether you want to create a stylish kitchen cabinet, or simply are looking to put up a few shelves, the melamine faced chipboard store will be able to cater for all of your needs.

It's not just great products that are on offer, great service, fantastic prices and a easy to use website are all part of the service that you are provided with. Visit their Contact Page for more details.

Benefits Of Ordering To Measure

Many people don't realize how much money you can save when you assemble your own products yourself. This goes beyond simply buying flat pack furniture, we're looking at creating the product from scratch using melamine faced chipboard. Simple, cheap and easy, there are many benefits to creating your own household products, whether it be a shelf for the office, a kitchen cabinet, a medicine cupboard for the bathroom, or even a computer desk for the study.

The Melamine faced chipboard store offer a made to measure service allowing you to purchase only the materials that you need. If you only have room for a small bedside cabinet for instance, you don't need to spend hours searching round furniture stores for one that fits. Using Melamine faced chipboard, you create your own, to your specific specifications. You can also choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to help you create the ideal product for your home.

Another benefit of ordering made to measure from the Melamine Faced Chipboard Store is that you are guaranteed a smooth service from the minute you enter their website. Great customer service and fantastic products at reasonable prices have helped them before the industry leader in their field, and has given them a reputation for providing great products. Find them here

Extra Resources
Extra Resources

Extra resources

Melamine Faced chipboard store also offers a range of help videos and tutorials to help you understand exactly how to create your dream furniture. In the sections below, we look at three videos that will help you with the construction of your own products using melamine faced chipboard.

Feel free to browse through the Youtube Channel , and have a look at some of the other informative videos that are available to watch for free. A lot of time and effort has gone into making these videos, so you are welcome to use them and share them with friends and family as you please. They should be a great tool for helping you take the first step in modifying the parts of the home you've always wanted to - in your own way.

Measuring your doors

The first video we look at is one that shows you how to measure your own doors. This will help you in calculating what size of material if you will need to order to successfully construct a new door! Watch the video carefully, as it provides some great tips and advice for those who don't have much experience with DIY.

How to measure your drawers

The next video we are looking at is one that shows you how to carefully measure the size and dimensions of your drawers. It's extremely important that you measure precisely in order to ensure that the product fits together and works correctly. If you make a bedside cabinet for instance, and make the drawer too big, you're having to have some pretty serious problems. It's a lot easier to be careful from the start and potentially save a lot of time later down the line.

How to change your doors

The final video is one that shows you how to change your doors. This is a comprehensive video that takes you through step by step how to change your doors, and the procedures and safety protocol that you should follow in order to ensure a smooth and hassle free changeover. The video also explains what you need in order to change the door, so it will give you a fantastic insight into how you will be able to do it yourself.


Hopefully you will have learnt a lot from this article, and you will now understand that you don't have to be a professional D.I.Y expert in order to make changes to your home. Using the tutorials and guides shown above, you will be able to make these changes in your home yourself without having to pay any labor or call out fees - all you pay for is the materials! The Melamine Faced Chipboard Store have a wide range of products to choose from and are very helpful, so feel free to contact them should you wish to ask any questions.

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