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Memories of My Aunt: The Legacy of Her Green Thumb

Updated on April 7, 2013

Memories of My Aunt and Her Green Thumb

I love planting flowers and gardening; so did my Aunt Dot. I guess that's probably who I got my love of growing plants from. I spent countless hours watching and helping my aunt in her garden and flower beds as I was growing up. Sadly, my aunt passed away in December 2012 at the age of 92. This is so hard for me to write; I am crying as I type this. She was such a great person in my life. It was so hard to lose her.

It is now spring, and signs of her handiwork have started popping up out of the ground. She left me more than just memories; I can still see and touch the flowers she planted. They are constant reminders of her, and she left them behind for everyone to enjoy. Let me share some of her favorite flowers with you.

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Iris Close Up

Two tone iris close up
Two tone iris close up

Here is a close up of another favorite iris. It is such a beautiful two tone variety!

Why Aunt Dot Liked Irises

  • They are fairly low maintenance. Just divide clumps every three years in late summer or early fall when the blooming and growing season is over.
  • They are a good flower choice to withstand our Georgia summer droughts.
  • They have big, beautiful, showy blooms.

Irises by the Birdbath

My Aunt loved irises. She planted several kinds in her yard, and here you can see one of her favorites planted at the base of her birdbath, with her little rustic lattice fence along the back of the flower bed. English ivy is twining around and climbing the lattice. Lots of little white star shaped flowers bloom all around them.

Where to Buy Irises Like We Grow in Our Yard

The first two selections are like ones I have pictured that are in our yard, and the rest I hope to add one day. I just love the variety of colors that Irises come in, and they are so easy to grow and maintain. Ours come up year after year and continue to multiply.

Bearded Iris Victoria Falls
Bearded Iris Victoria Falls

This is such a delicate color, and depending on the time of day, and how bright the sun is, it sometimes looks lavender and sometimes it looks light blue!


Here is a Video to Help you know how to plant and split Iris bulbs

It's easy to say "Divide every three years," but just how do you do that? This video will help you with the basics of keeping irises healthy and blooming at their best.

Did You Know...

Irises come in many colors, but you won't find them in pure red.

White Azaleas Make a Statement

White Azalea bushes were Dot's choice to plant against the front of her red brick house. The blooms show up quite well against the red, and they are very showy in the early Spring!

What's Great About Azaleas?

Here are some reasons my aunt loved to plant Azaleas.

  1. They are great foundation plants.
  2. They bloom early.
  3. They like shady areas.
  4. They come in white, yellow, pink, purple and red colors.

How to Get a White Azalea of Your Own

Here you can buy an Azalea just like the ones we have. They are extremely beautiful against a dark background!

Pink Peony Flower

Aunt Dot planted two of these little peony bushes in her yard. The flowers are a gorgeous pink, and they stay beautiful until it rains. Then the blooms get so heavy they will droop to the ground if they are not supported good.

Vinca Minor Ground Cover

ground cover around tree
ground cover around tree

Here is Vinca Minor my aunt planted around a large tree. This was an area that wouldn't grow much of anything, until she planted this vine-like ground cover. It has covered the bare earth around the base of this tree in the front yard, and has been growing here over 20 years.

Vinca Minor Blooms Close Up

Vinca Minor Blooms Close Up
Vinca Minor Blooms Close Up

How to Grow Vinca Minor-Also Known as Periwinkle

Where to Find Periwinkle

This ground cover is very hardy, and we have hummingbirds every year that love it! We also have a hummingbird feeder hanging on a small shepherd's hook underneath this tree, and we get a lot of enjoyment watching the tiny birds get their fill of nectar!

Vinca Minor Evergreen Ground Cover Plants (1 order contains 50 bare root plants)
Vinca Minor Evergreen Ground Cover Plants (1 order contains 50 bare root plants)

This has been the only thing that would cover the bare ground around the base of our tree in the front yard.


Is There a Green Thumb in Your Family?

My aunt had the green thumb in our family, and she inspired my love of growing plants.

Who in your family has the "greenest" thumb?

If you found any joy or inspiration on this page, please drop me a note. I would love to hear from you!

Plant Your Comments Here if My Aunt's Flowers Have Brought You Joy!

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      caketech 4 years ago

      @webscribbler: Thank you for your nice comment! :)

    • profile image

      webscribbler 4 years ago

      What a beautiful garden your aunt had - such a lovely legacy to leave behind. Your pictures are quite lovely. Thank you for starting my day with a walk through a flower garden.