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Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas for Men (Masculine Bedrooms)

Updated on August 18, 2019
viryabo profile image

Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I've been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.

Masculine bedrooms are attractively strong but can also be simple and uncomplicated. While some men like their bedroom design to be stylish and almost spartan, other men love theirs stylish but orderly, peaceful, personal, and devoid of frivolities.

Unlike a woman’s bedroom that is usually glamorous, colourful, girly, and filled with loads of feminine stuff, a man’s room is manly and filled with strong deep things they cherish like treasures, trophies, memorabilia, framed picture photos, muted colours, rustic furniture, rustic wood, and brick.

Any which way, most men love bedroom designs that ‘spells’ charm, masculinity, and stylish ruggedness not forgetting comfort which a bedroom must offer.

Materials play a vital part in determining whether a bedroom has masculine qualities or not. Men’s bedrooms are commonly minimalist but that is not to say that some men don’t go for more complicated styles like the eclectic style. But generally, the less-is-more look is what appears to suits the guys best.

Not all men like dark moody tones and that masculine look many of us feel all men prefer. Some love the classic traditional looks with warmer tones, poster beds, country-style furniture, and vintage animal prints.

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Can a man’s bedroom be stylish? Yes, it can but striking the right balance between stylish masculinity, aesthetics, and comfort depends on who is decorating or designing the bedroom.

There are some basic colours men are always drawn to and are typically dark tones like black, navy blue, light grey, deep green, brown tones, and earth tones with splashes of brighter and bolder colours like orange and red. Some bedroom design ideas for men’s bedrooms include the following:

  • Rustic design
  • Traditional style
  • Modern designs
  • Minimalist style
  • Mid-century designs
  • Ethnic design

Idea for a man's bedroom.
Idea for a man's bedroom. | Source

Rustic Bedroom Décor for Men

The word rustic can be used to describe rural, countryside, or pastoral themes. They represent plain and simple styles that are almost unsophisticated but certainly stylish enough for a rugged man. The rustic bedroom décor is for men that love the simple lifestyle, have a close relationship with nature (enjoy retreats in log cabins and beach homes), and like the natural characteristics of materials like brick, wood, cotton, and stone.

The major features of this style include furniture and decor items made with natural materials like seagrass floor rugs, wood panelling and flooring, country style chests, tables, beds, headboards and dressers, wall sconces, faux animal skin, plaid blankets, and Hessian textiles.

Typical colours are subtle natural earth tones and hues of tree bark, natural stones, terracotta, and soil with dashes of bold brighter hues.

A truly masculine space decorated in a rustic eclectic style. This men's bedroom design is typically filled with prized treasures of great importance to its occupant. Small space, with a stylish setup
A truly masculine space decorated in a rustic eclectic style. This men's bedroom design is typically filled with prized treasures of great importance to its occupant. Small space, with a stylish setup
Rustic bedroom decor for men who love a simple lifestyle, but with an added sophistication.
Rustic bedroom decor for men who love a simple lifestyle, but with an added sophistication. | Source

Traditional Style Bedrooms

Traditional designs are styles of the past that are generally referred to as classic designs. This does not in any way connote dated, dull, or old-fashioned styling of a bedroom. Rather, traditional interiors had rich colour schemes, period style furniture and furnishings, and comfortable poster beds.

Classic layouts are naturally rich and elegant and are for the man who likes a plush and opulent feel in his bedroom. The style provides him with the sophisticated look he desires without clutter or over-furnishing.

The main features of a traditional setting bedroom include dark hardwood floors, one or two walls covered with plaid or patterned wallpapers (covering all the walls will be overwhelming), metallic accents, herringbone patterns, elaborate curtains, layered beddings, poster beds, elaborate upholstered headboards, trunk beds, vintage lamps, suitcases (as night-stands), and framed wall paintings.

Modern Bedroom Settings

A modern bedroom décor is meant to impress. It is trendy, sleek, comfortable, and generally tranquil. It exudes elegance with sometimes minimal furnishings, low stylish beds with matching nightstands and dressers, glamorous table lamps, plants, and wall-hung televisions.

Modern means clean lines, varying textures, almost sparse layouts, metallic accents, and a variety of tones from black and white colour combinations to blue and grey, and red and black combinations and pale hues to conform with a masculine look.

A modern setting features decorative wall art, sculptures, metal, glass, digital wall clocks numerous throw pillows, plush duvet, pendant lights, statement objects, vanity units, modern sconces, lounge chair and stools, and faux animal skin rugs.

How would you like your rustic bedroom style?

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    • Gustavo Woltmann1 profile image

      Gustavo Woltmann1 

      2 years ago

      Cool tips! I wish I have the time to decorate my own room, I love minimalistic looks. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

    • Lady_E profile image


      3 years ago from London, UK

      Useful Tips and very classy designs.

      Thanks for sharing the video too.

      Best Wishes.


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