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Metabo Power Tools - The Essential Guide

Updated on November 5, 2014

Work. Don't Play.

Metabo are not one of the most well known power tools brands. But there is one thing that is without debate, they are one of, if not the best, power tools on the market.

Their three core values are power, best quality and safety. Their dedication to making tools that have more than enough grunt for even the biggest jobs, and the highest standard of build quality has made them a tradesman's favourite the world over. In more than 100 countries over the world, tradesman trust Metabo tools in some of the worlds harshest environments.

Metabo have a complete range of power tools, so no matter what type of job you want to complete, there will be a Metabo tool for you. Extensive research and field testing has provided Metabo with some unique developments in the industry. The new range of Metabo batteries come with a ultra long, ultra safe and ultra compact design. The Metabo range is broken into three groups: building trade, metal and outdoor.

Building Trade

The building trade range includes chip and dust extraction units, crosscut and mitre saws and table circular saws. The die cast aluminium housing makes this range great for extreme use, as heat dissipates quickly which ensures great durability.


The metal range includes angle polishers, band files, bench grinders, burnishing machines, combination hammers, compact angle grinders, cordless angle grinder, cordless band files, cordless belt sander, cordless cartridge guns, cordless drills, cordless fillet weld grinder, cordless impact driver, cordless lamps, cordless magnetic core drills, cordless sabre saws, curve shears, die grinder, large angle grinders, metal chop saws, multi-hammers, nibblers and tube belt sanders.


The outdoor range includes: cordless hedge trimmers, cordless lamps, cordless worksite radio and hedge trimmers. The hedge trimmers are the true stars of the outdoor range. The easy reach handle, and diamond cut blades have ensured that professional gardeners and landscapers rely on these everyday.

The Metabo site radio has enough bass to be heard over the tools.
The Metabo site radio has enough bass to be heard over the tools.

Important Tip

Metabo make durable tools, and you should not have to worry about them breaking down like some of the cheaper alternatives. They come with a standard 12 month guarantee.

But here is an important tip. Once you purchase your Metabo tool, go to the Metabo website at and register your purchase. This will entitle you to an additional 3 year guarantee. So you have a 4 year Metabo XXL guarantee simply for registering your purchase. This shows how tough the Metabo ranges are that they offer such a comprehensive guarantee on their power tools.

Metabo Power Tools Battery Video

Metabo News

It will come as no surprise that there is always news with such an innovative company as Metabo. Here are some of the latest products that Metabo is revolutionising the market with:

Metabo LTX Brushless – Setting a new benchmark by being the smallest tool in it's class, the LTX brushless range provides industry leading ergonomics for comfortable use. The reduced size and bulk of the LTX brushless also ensures that it is lightweight, at only 1.7kg. But the reduced dimensions of the LTX brushless does not mean that it compromises on power. The LTX brushless provides high torque thanks to the unique design of the brushless motor. The LTX range will be a favourite with tradesman who are looking for a powerful drill with great ergonomics.

Metabo Flat Head Angle Grinder – Why didn't someone think of this sooner? For all of those hard to reach jobs that were previously not able to be accessed with a standard angle grinder, the Metabo flat head angle grinder provides tradesman with a simple solution. The flat head angle grinder allows you to work in tight angles with increased flexibility and independence. The 5.2 Ah battery pack ensures that it will last even the largest jobs. Expect to see the Metabo flat head angle grinder in the tool bags of a lot of tradesman very soon.

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