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Metal Filing Cabinet

Updated on August 25, 2010

A metal filing cabinet can be a welcome asset for the home business worker. With the increasing number of home based workers making and earning a living from home there are obvious needs that should be considered such as office equipment to improve and organize your business for maximize efficiency. And choosing a filing cabinet for your specific business needs should be on your agenda.

I consider a metal file cabinet to be more than adequate to serve your home office needs. Metal filing cabinets can be made to tailor your home office and can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to give you extra storage and space, if need be. And for strength and security you will find most all metal filing cabinets will have a secure locking system to protect those valuable files and documents. Here are a few tips when choosing the right one for your home and office needs.

Considering Space:

Now this should be the first consideration when choosing a file cabinet for your home office, and that is the space your new cabinet will occupy. You can easily judge this by observing the office space you already have. If your existing office space is limited, you may want to think about purchasing a cabinet that is relatively small in size but has it's advantages in terms of storing files and documents. In this case you may want to compromise length with height, if your office space is limited than buying a vertical file cabinet or a metal lateral file cabinet may well by the answer to make use of what little space you have.


Depending on the amount of files and documents your filing cabinet will need to store will ultimately effect your final decision. There are a wide range of cabinets on the market such as the 2 drawer metal filing cabinet or for even more storage a 4 drawer metal filing cabinet this obviously depends on your storage needs.Good Storage space to hold all that paper work is a must but there are a few things you could do to lessen the need for extra storage space. Out dated documents and files that are no longer relevant or needed can be discarded and made way for extra space. Unnecessary furniture that is taking up space in your office can be moved thus enabling room for a larger filing cabinet and more storage space.


As well as having protection from theft by having a good strong security lock there are also natural hazards the may happen such as fire. And the advantages of having a metal filing cabinet in a fire hazard will be obvious. Manufactures have realized this and have made file cabinets much more resistant to natural hazards. They have actually made fireproof cabinets with a thicker than normal metal casing that can withstand high temperatures of heat. If you feel that maybe you need one of these fire resistant cabinets than it may be a little more costly to purchase one than your standard metal home office cabinet but the benefits are fairly obvious.

Quality of your Cabinet

Are you after quality as opposed to getting one from your local thrift shop. Well that is a choice only you can make. If you are willing to put i a little extra cash for a quality cabinet then in terms of how long it will last will definitely come into play. If quality is you preference than check out the features, obviously if you pay a little extra for a quality cabinet, you expect a few more features for your money's worth. One feature will be effortlessly sliding draws, with most standard cabinets they will simply slide out on a metal side frame attached to either side. A quality cabinet will have ball bearings or a rolling system for each draw to slide out effortlessly. Another feature maybe different sizes of draws for different files or documents, one for letters,  one for larger sized documents and another for small office equipment such as office pens and pencil,s staples etc.

What ever type of file cabinet you choose to purchase weather metal or wood, it must first provide for your needs to ensure your business runs smooth and with efficiency. if you cannot afford a more expensive filing cabinet, have a open mind and look around in your local area. A good idea is checking out office buildings that are having a clear out to make way for new office equipment, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with them, and your likely to get it a metal filing cabinet for free. In any case it may save you a few dollars to look around for worth while bargains


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