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Metal Storage Cabinet

Updated on September 6, 2010

 A metal storage cabinet can be purchased at a lower cost than many other high priced cabinets on the market. With many office retail outlets giving you the option of choosing the right one for you. Choosing the right one that will meet your needs is another matter. Weather it be  metal garage storage cabinets or a wood garage storage cabinet to create that extra space in the garage it is fairly obvious that storage cabinets have many uses. A modern metal storage cabinet is sturdy and well made to stand the test of time. but if you have had your metal cabinet a little longer than most, than it it maybe in need of a make over. This article will touch on how you can give your metal storage cabinet a new paint job, no need to buy another one, a good lick of paint will have it looking in prime condition again.

If you are going to be doing this project indoors than it may pay you to have plenty of ventilation going through the room. If you choose to do it outdoors then all you need to do is check the weather. Other than that let's get this thing started. OK items you will need is a paint scrapper, fine sand paper, bucket of fresh water, a clean cloth or rag, metal primer and paint. make sure you have all items ready at hand, there's nothing more time wasting than having to look for tools and equipment. So preparation first.



 If possible dismantle the cabinet so you can work on each part individually. make note of each section you remove by labeling it or writing it down for easy reassemble use the paint scrapper to remove any loose or flaking paint make sure you look over every part of the cabinet as this will prepare for the next stage. Using a sand grinder with a fine-grit sand paper  lightly buff the surface of the cabinet, you will not need to sand all the old paint off just make the surface good enough for the paint to hold to. ow here's where the bucket and water come in. Dampen the cloth and give the cabinet a good thorough wipe down making sure there is no dust or debris other wise this will effect the priming.

Priming & Painting

Now you begin applying the metal primer to the cabinet. Don't over do it just a lite coating of primer will do, here's a trick you can do if your a perfectionist. after the primer has dried completely grab a piece of fine sand paper  and sand the surface of the primer and wipe clean. this will leave your cabinet with a fine smooth shine, so when you add the final coat of paint it will look professional. Once your primer is completely dry than you can add the paint., once again only a lite coat will do . Let it dry and ad your second coat  for extra protection as well as giving the paint a lasting look. If you have any doubts about the drying time of your primer and paint then simply read the instructions provided on the tin.

It's What You Know

 And there you have it ,how to paint a metal storage cabinet, this procedure can be done to any metal cabinet or furniture. The stages are pretty much the same no matter what type of metal furniture you are working with. But with all that said and done  there maybe exceptions to the rules where there is specialized metals involved so just make sure on the type of metal furniture you are thinking of refurbishing. But the basics are there for you to know, and now that you do know you have another DIY project under your belt should you need to repeat the process in the future.


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