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Metal Wall Art Sculptures

Updated on November 20, 2014

Contemporary and Cool Metal Wall Art Sculptures

If you have a modern feel to your home or office, contemporary metal wall sculpture will fit in perfectly and really add a long-lasting impression. Long-lasting style, that is, as these pieces -- some with a retro-futuristic look and others totally on trend in today's style -- will continue to look "just right" for a very long time.

Some of the pieces you'll see here, from abstract to representational to realistic, are great as accents to your contemporary decor, while others will create a real focal point, drawing people's attention as soon as they enter the room. You'll also find a wide range of prices and "sub-styles" within this realm of modern metal wall art.

Image courtesy of Amazon: Featured here: Benzara 13951 Costa Verde Designer Metal Wall Art Decor Sculpture

Just A Taste Of The Fabulous Metal Wall Sculptures You'll See Here - Abstract art, nature themes and a variety of other creative metalwork

Big Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture Home Decor 37"w, 21"h
Big Abstract Metal Wall Art Sculpture Home Decor 37"w, 21"h

This mix of shapes and colors is nicely balanced and pleasing to the eye, without being over-the-top. If you're just beginning to incorporate abstract art into your decor, this is the type of piece you might want to start with -- not too big, not too small, and very affordable.

This is a hand-painted piece, so the color will probably vary a bit from what you see in the picture. it can be re-painted too, if you so desire.

This is a light, thin piece.

Metal Wall Decor Patio Sun, Garden, Indoor, Outdoor
Metal Wall Decor Patio Sun, Garden, Indoor, Outdoor

This is a well made metal hanging that won't disappoint you. It is a good size - 35 inches - so will look spectacular in the garden or yard and really capture attention. It has a bronze patina that will age well. I couldn't help thinking he is blowing his cheeks out ready to take on the wind.

Wrought Iron Metal Sculpture Wall Decor Art 44x24"
Wrought Iron Metal Sculpture Wall Decor Art 44x24"

Modernist retro 50's style. Interesting and mysterious. Love the round white shape thay looks like precious pearls


Abstract Metal Wall Sculptures

Free-Form Wall Art Sculptures

Some people enjoy looking for recognizable forms or themes in abstract art, while other simply enjoy the non-representational shapes and colors and movement in the works. Either way, pieces like these are both fun and timeless additions to your living or working spaces.

More Modern Abstract Metal Wall Hangings - In a wide range of price points, sizes, shapes and colors

From accent pieces to real focal points of a room....

Metal Tree Sculptures

Tree of Life Metal Wall Art Sculptures Home Decor Life Decoration 39"w,24"h
Tree of Life Metal Wall Art Sculptures Home Decor Life Decoration 39"w,24"h

Most reviewers were very happy with this piece when they received it, one saying it looks even better in person than in the photo. The quality is good, and the sculpture hangs a bit away from the wall, creating a nice shadow effect.


Tree of Life Metal Art Sculptures Home Decor - With natural and realistic colors

You can't go wrong with the nature motif when it comes to decorative art, whether it's plant or animal. In this case, celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of trees with these sculptural metal wall hangings.

Modern Metal Tree Wall Sculptures

These representational pieces have a nice balanced look to them, and I like the mix of "cold" metal as the medium with the softness and what I see as the calming lines and forms of nature. This applies to these tree forms as well as the other flora and fauna metal sculptures below. What do you think?

The Natural World

New View Flowers with Bling Metal Wall Dcor

This piece combines metal and glass for extra sparkle. It measures 23" x 23".

Haven Flowers with Bling Metal Wall Décor
Haven Flowers with Bling Metal Wall Décor

One reviewer gives this wall sculpture five stars and says she's placed it in her powder room. So, keep in mind that contemporary metal art isn't just for living rooms, dining rooms or offices. It really can go well in any room.


© 2013 Nathalie Roy

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