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Metal Garden Art

Updated on September 15, 2014

Whimsical Magical Metal Garden Art

I love gardening. When I am not actually gardening I am thinking about what I want to add to my garden and that includes colorful, whimsical metal garden art.

Metal garden art has been around since for thousands of years. The art of making bronze sculptures was recorded as early as 1200BC in China. In modern times artists are also working in copper, brass, iron and steel to create wonderful, whimsical art for your yard.

Steel Garden Art For Year Round Charm

The most common material used in metal garden art is steel because of its versatility and price. Steel, an alloy made from iron and carbon is very strong and durable. It can be treated, painted or left to rust. Some artists even combine rusted and treated metal for a truly unique look.

For large modern structures, chromium is added to create stainless steel. Large and majestic these sculptures will stand the test of time.

Steel is used to create free standing sculptures, metal wall art, garden stakes as well as numerous garden decor items like lanterns and bird feeders. Because steel garden art can be left outside year-round it adds structure and color to your four season garden.

Recycled Metal Garden Art

A lot of artists are using recycled metal, including steel oil tank and drums, broken bicycles and tricycles and discarded tools to create wonderful imaginative pieces. Their "raw materials" are constantly changing and in the hands of these eco-artists an oil tank becomes a pig and a broken rake becomes a bird.

Dog Bite Steel features the creations of artist Jean Pierre Schoss of Uxbridge, Ontario. He uses recycled oil tanks to create wonderful playful creatures like dancing sheep and moose, dogs or bunnies with bones, climbing frogs and grinning alligators. They are sure to bring a smile to every face.

For more wonderful recycled metal garden art visit

Haitian metal art is very striking and growing in popularity. Metal drums which were used to transport oil are cut open and flattened, and carved by hand into exotic wall hangings that can be hung inside or out. Beautiful one of a kind recycled metal art.

Metal garden stakes are an easy way to add interest to your garden. They are lightweight and easy to move around.

Let this wise owl and

happy frog keep an eye on your garden!

When the spring blooms fade and the summer perennials as still on their way, add a colorful metal sunflower to brighten up the garden. When the real flowers come, move it to another spot.

Bronze Garden Sculptures

For a classic look nothing does the job like bronze garden sculptures. Bronze has been used to make sculptures for thousands of years and many great heroes and leaders have had bronzes created in their honor.

The "lost wax method" used to make high end bronze sculptures allows artists to create works with intricate details. Humans and animals are often the models for these pieces.

Copper Garden Art

Cooper has a striking reddish brown color, is corrosion resistant and is easy to work with, so it is widely used in metal garden art.

You can find garden sculptures, stakes, bird baths, bird feeders and even garden rain chains made out of copper.

Some artists use copper to create copper chimes because of the wonderful sounds these beautiful chimes produce.

Wire Scultptor Art

As I was browsing a garden art forum I came upon this site of wire sculptor artist Derek Kinzett. Beautiful and ethereal.


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      Joan Haines 4 years ago

      Trying to choose something for my garden. Maybe I'll get several, and just change them every so often.