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Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Where to Buy Mickey Mouse Shower Curtains, Shower Rings, Bathroom Accessories, Rugs and More!

Updated on September 8, 2011

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Bathroom Decor

If you are looking to decorate your bathroom in a Mickey Mouses theme, then today is your lucky day!  These new Mickey Mouse bath accessories are made to look stunningly classy while still giving you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite Disney character.

These Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories come in sharp black, white and red colors to ensure your bathroom looks good to not only your family, but your company as well.

Some of the great Mickey bathroom items in these colors include:

  • Mickey Mouse Shower Curtains
  • Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain Rings
  • Mickey Mouse Bathroom Rugs
  • Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories
  • Mickey Mouse Bathroom Towels
  • Mickey Mouse Bathroom Wall Prints

See below to find out where to buy these awesome Mickey Mouse items.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Shower Curtains

You have the option of purchasing either the Mickey Mouse shower curtain in black with the Classic 1930's design of Mickey or the red and white version that shows Mickey in full form.

Either shower curtain would look great in your bathroom and will match all of the other decor.

The shower curtain hooks also come in the perfect matching colors of red, black and white to go with either curtain. Contains a set of 12 Mickey Mouse Curtain Hooks.

Micky Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Bath Accessories

All of the following Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories are also made to go with the two shower curtain options.

Mickey Mouse Toothbrush Holder - This holder will look adorable when displayed on your sink. The little slots in Mickey's shoes hold the bottom of your brush while his hands cradle the top.

Mickey Mouse Soap Pump - This soap pump, while also looking great displayed on your sink or a shelf, is also very handy for children and guests to have easy access to liquid soap.

Mickey Mouse Soap Dish - This is another adorable item that will look great when displayed. This soap dish is in the shape of Mickey Mouses's white gloved hand and will happily invite family and guests to use the bar of soap that you place on top.

Mickey Mouse Wastebasket - This wastebasket is also made in the sharp black and red colors as the other bathroom accessories and will fit in perfect with the rest of your decor.

Mickey Mouse Tumbler - Finish up your display with this great Mickey Mouse Tumbler with a Mickey base and Mickey Mouse design on the cup.

Mickey Mouse 3 Pc. Bath Accessory Set - This 3 piece Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessory Set is also made to go with the shower curtains mentioned above and is displayed in the large picture at the top of the page.

This set includes: the soap dish, 4 toothbrush holder and the cup/accessory holder all in the classic Mickey design.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Towels

Any one of these towel sets can also be used in your Black, White and Red Mickey Mouse bathroom.

There is even a smaller hooded matching Mickey Towel for little ones.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Bathroom Rugs

While either of these rugs will work well, the black Mickey bathroom rug will probably suit your room better.

It measures 30" in length and is 25.5" wide. 100% Cotton and skid resistant.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Mickey Mouse Wall Prints

If you find that your walls need a little matching Mickey Color, you have a choice between these matching color wall prints.

Either of the two prints would look great displayed in a black frame, while the little Mickey Silhouette would look good just about anywhere.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom - Other Mickey Mouse Bathroom Items

If you want to switch things up a bit or are simply looking for Mickey bath accessory options, there are a few more Mickey Mouse bath accessory sets you might want to consider.

To view the unique selection available simply visit Mickey Bath Accessories.


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