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The Homemade Composter Article of Your Dreams

Updated on July 8, 2016

So You Want To Compost?

So, you want to start reducing your kitchen waste and turn into "black gold", eh? But you don't want to spend almost $100 for a composter. Those things are pretty pricey. but my neighbor has one and its wonderful. What if I tell you can make one for under $30? Well you can! And im here to hold your hand through it.

Materials Needed


Step 1

Heres what you will need:

  • 3 milk crates*
  • plastic or metal mesh or weed barrier fabric
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • Wood
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Varnish
  • Old Drawer Handles **
  • Newspaper
  • Organic material

*= You can buy these for about 8/ea. at Wal-Mart or Home Depot

**=Dont have any laying around your house? If your village has big trash day, go around town looking for an old drawer and just take it off of there.

I used to work at a health care place for old people in Dietary, and we used to get our milk cartons in those crates, so I got away with taking a few of them. My budget was close to $0. I only had to buy the mesh!

Prepare Your Milk Crates!


Preparing Your Milk Crates

So you have your milk crates. Now what?

Tip: Black crates will generate more heat, thus speeding up the time of finished compost

First, clean them out with a rag.

Secondly, using your scissors carefully, cut out enough mesh to cover the inside sides of the crates. This will keep out ANY unwanted pests, but letting air to circulate through. You could use old mosquito nets from tents or old screens from windows.

Step 3:Lid and Base


Use wood to create a lid.

To make this lid, I used old wood salvaged from the trash, and old drawer handles that I took from my old drawer. My composter will be resting on the earth directly, so I do not need a base. I glued and used screws to hold the wood planks together to form the lid, drilled holes to attach the handles, and varnished it to protect it.

Step 4: Assembly


This is where your going to need the newspaper. I added two layers on the bottom so none of the finished product would leak through.

I'm still on my first milk crate, and I'm adding all my kitchen waste to it as I go through it, I only cook for myself, so I'll go through a lot less kitchen waste then a family of four.

I typically make my compost almost like assembling a cake, layer it.


Layer 1: newpaper

Layer 2: soil from my ground because the microorganisims that will break down the kitchen waste

Layer 3: Kitchen waste

Layer 4: Soil


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Don't Live Anywhere Near A Walmart?

Check out the listings below on Amazon and eBay!

I only found that the milk crates and screws that were the cheapest you could find online. I'm sure you could be resourceful with the stuff you have around the garage!

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