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A Mirror Ball Can Bring Sparkle to Your Home

Updated on March 6, 2015
Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie Gee is a retired librarian and a grandmother. She learned all her book-repair tricks on the job or in the kitchen!

Use a Disco Ball to Reflect That Sunshine In!

I have discovered that "Mirrored Balls" can do more than add sparkle to a Disco Dance Party. I use my mini mirror ball to delight me on a cold winter day by using it in a table arrangement. With all the leaves off the trees in my yard, the sunlight blazes into my breakfast nook in the afternoon and I am always surprised when I see magical rainbows all over the room. Where do these rainbows come from? From the sunlight hitting the disco mirror ball that I used in a floral table scape. On a bright winter afternoon, the cheery spots of light arrive at different times. It all depends on where the sun is in the sky. There are even times when the dots of celestial light come twice in one day. Their arrival is always a bright and pleasant surprise.

My grand-daughter also loves to see the rainbow dots all over the room. She is constantly visiting my breakfast nook in the kitchen to see if the mirror ball is performing. Her questions during those visits are teaching moments for me and we discuss the seasons and rainbow making!

The lovely winter rainbow spots of light reflected all over my room also make me realize that springtime is imminent! Let the sunshine in!

The image of the disco mirror ball is mine.

Supplies for My Disco Ball arrangement

Here is a list of what supplies I used in the arrangement you see above. I used what I had on hand. You can change it up any way you want. That is the beauty of creating home décor!

  1. A mirrored disco ball
  2. Artificial green apples
  3. Real tangerines
  4. Magnolia leaves gathered from the yard
  5. Antique wooden dough bowl

wooden bowl in décor
wooden bowl in décor

Use a bowl, basket or an old wedding gift to display your disco ball.

It all depends on what room you want to decorate.

I used an old bread mixing bowl for my cozy winter display above, You can use whatever you have on hand. May be a clear salad bowl or a rustic basket. A silver bowl can add some glamor to a dinner party. Just imagine the candlelight reflecting off the tiny mirrored tiles on your disco ball in the middle of a classically set table.

Even on days when the sun does not penetrate the dreary clouds, my mirror ball reflects the sunny colors of the fruit that shares a bowl with this unexpected home decoration. Yes, Home Décor can come alive in the winter months with only a few additions.

The image shown here is of my wooden bowl without the disco mirrored ball. This bowl has proven to be a very versatile container for floral displays in my home décor.

A wooden bowl for your disco arrangement:

In the image at the beginning of this page, you can see that I used a round bowl for my cozy arrangement of light. The bowl is an antique bread dough bowl that I found in a local market. It is approximately 14 inches in diameter and I use it all year long for fresh fruit and vegetables. You can see this very same bowl used to hold flowers by visiting Easy Flower Arrangments

The following list of antique bowls is from eBay and is updated whenever an auction ends or a new one is posted. If there is not listing, be sure to check back often to find just the right antique bowl for you.

Winter Reflected Light - A mirrored ball can bring sparkle to any room

My three year old grand-daughter loves seeing the rainbows that are in every spot of light from the mirror ball on the table.

Artificial Fruit to add seasonal flavor to your bowl - Surround your glitter ball with what you have on hand

If you do not have real fruit for your disco decorating, the fake fruit below can fill in. I use a combination of fake fruit and real fruit in my bowl. During January and February I use my artificial apples and real citus. Clementines are a favorite. In my intro photo you see fake green apples and real tangerines. The bowl is lined with magnolia leaves that will last at least two months.

V-max Artificial Mixed Fruits (Pack X 6)
V-max Artificial Mixed Fruits (Pack X 6)

Can be reused year after year. Fake fruit attracts no bugs.


Even a 4" Mirror Disco Ball can fill a room with light.

You can use one, two or even three mirrored balls in a bowl to bring dancing lights into your room. Add whatever you want to the arrangement in a big bowl. It could be seasonal fruit or flowers then put your arrangement near a window that gets winter sun. Let your mind go to disco town with this home décor idea.

Add A Mirror Ball to your Home Decor Supplies!

Make your own disco ball! - Recycle old CDs to make a mirrored ball

Any mirror finish can become a disco ball. Proof: you can recycle old unusable cds and make your own light show party. The video below is short and to the point. The best tips I learned for making a disco ball: 1. Start in the center of the styrofoam ball; 2. Use a bamboo skewer to poke a hole for the string if you want to hang your mirrored ball from the ceiling.

Spring Filler to put around your Disco Ball - Easter is just around the corner from winter!

Imagine the pretty pastel colors of springtime being reflected in your mirrored ball. The options are probably endless and I am sure you have some Easter Grass that you can recycle for this sparkling decorating idea.

Sparkling Light in my kitchen!

See how the light sparkles go down the hallway? All of this light is from just one disco ball on my table.

Summer can be reflected too!

The selections below are of a cool nature for summertime. In the southern USA, it can get so HOT and blues are such a cool color.

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Does this use of a mirrored disco ball give you inspiration?

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I hope my use of the mirror ball surprised you! If you use this idea for a cozy seasonal arrangement, you can just change out the objects in your container to reflect the seasons. Make every day a disco party, why don't you!

Photo Credit: MLibrary via Compfight cc


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