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Mirror Bedroom Furniture - Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Updated on August 31, 2011

Buying Mirror Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored bedroom furniture is a bold look that is totally contemporary and hot on trend. It's an elegant style that is extremely feminine and classy. Here's a stylish selection of mirrored bedroom furniture to choose from, with gorgeous pieces to create a light and airy feel to any bedroom that needs an update.

If you want a look that defines luxury and style, this is the one to go for. If you want to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your boudoir, transport yourself to the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood dressing room style, these mirrored bedroom pieces are perfect.

See below for some of the most indulgent mirrored bedroom furniture pieces around. It's a hot interior design trend that looks set to get even hotter!

Mirror Vanity Tables / Chests

The current trend for mirror bedroom furniture is pretty much all or nothing, it isn't so much about accent pieces and less is more, the overall look is key here.

These vanity tables and chests are perfect for any bedroom that has natural light coming in as the relective nature of the mirrors gives the illusion of more space and the light reflection will be dazzling.

Mirrored bedroom furniture isn't for the shy and retiring personality, these are statement pieces that scream look at me! Mirrored furniture is incredibly glamorous, it's stylish and it works with all kinds of decor from floral and feminine to ravishing red and black and everything inbetween.

Mirrored furniture is considered to be high end and these pieces are of the highest quality, so that is reflected in the price. It's luxurious, expensive looking furniture, you wouldn't expect to pay anything less for something quite so beautiful.

Mirrored Chairs

A vanity table needs a chair for all those relaxed pampering sessions, these mirrored chairs would work perfectly with the mirrored vanity tables lited above.

If you want comfort, style, elegance and opulence, the mirrored chairs to the right are the selection to choose from.

These stunning chairs would also work alongside a mirrored table to create a relaxing seating area beside a window, or within a bedroom with lots of natural light pouring in. The glistening effect would be magical.

One of the most beautiful things about mirror bedroom furniture is that it takes on a whole new level of appeal once the light hits it. The dazzling effects are truly spectacular.

Mirror Chests

Since when has storage been so sexy?! These gorgeous mirrored chests provide excellent storage space whilst looking outrageously decadent and glam.

With a choice of 3 or 7 drawer chests there's plenty of storage space to suit requirements. But you aren't thinking so much about the storage aspect are you? You are probably thinking those are beautiful pieces of mirrored furniture! Because they are.

If it's opulence you're going for, you know you are in the right place!

Mirrored Tables / Nightstands

For practical purposes a bedside table or nightstand is great for displaying lamps and housing all those creature comforts that we want and need around us when we're in bed. Books, reading glasses, night creams, alarm clocks, glasses of water and maybe even midnight snacks!

To the right is a range of different types of mirrored tables and nightstands.

For a real contemporary look, the mirrored cube is outstanding. Though it may suit a more minimalist approach rather than an all out mirrored furniture effect for a bedroom.

Again, the mirrored look provides glamour and opulence, whether you are looking for a nightstand or a bedroom table, these are key pieces that will fit right in.

For possibly the most exciting part of our mirrored bedroom furniture journey, scroll down, there are some extra special pieces that deserve your attention!

Mirrored Beds

If you are a serious fan of mirrored bedroom furniture, these sumptuous mirrored beds must hit the spot!

Magnificently ornate and worthy of a place in any palace, these mirror beds are the wow factor of mirrored bedroom furniture.

Imagine your perfect bedroom decor, gorgeous wallpaper or wall hangings, elegant curtains or decorative blinds, a cosy carpet beneath your feel or a glistening hard wood floor. No matter what decor you can envisage, imagine one of these beautiful beds as the focal point of the room.

It's certainly a sight of splendour.

If you are looking for the ultimate in mirror bedroom furniture, you've undoubtably just seen it!


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