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Modern Dressers that Compliment a Bedroom - Designing the Room

Updated on February 1, 2015

Find Top Rated Modern Dresser Reviews

Are you looking for the best modern dresser for your bedroom? While each of the reviewed products here are functional, some people simply enjoy how contemporary furniture compliments the décor of the room itself.

Today, the design of furniture for your bedroom is becoming more important. The size of the rooms are getting smaller and the efficient use of space and style is what brings about a beautiful and relaxing look. The choice of an ideal modern dresser requires some up front planning, such as measurements and color coordination, to ensure the look and design fit well for the space. Keeping quality in mind, even though the cost may be more, is a good practice for these products (since they can last a lifetime if well made).

The Quality of a Today's Modern Dresser

Implementing design and good materials

Furniture in general has undergone a major shift in quality over the past few years. The industry had focused so much on affordability that they didn't push the most important aspects of furniture (quality and durability). Today, modern dressers are often made with sustainable materials. These materials are certainly durable and also help as they usually incorporate non toxic materials.

One thing to keep in mind while shopping for a modern dresser is to find the one that closely fits your requirements.

Dwellstudio Mid-Century Modern Dresser - 3 colors to choose from: Espresso, Natural, French White

The Dwellstudio Mid-Century Dresser is made in Canada from solid birch wood and birch veneer. It comes fully assembled and is perfect for any bedroom and/or the nursery.

Tvilum Austin Eight Drawer Modern Dresser - Expensive look at an affordable price

The first thing noted about this modern dresser is the quality of the materials used to manufacture it.

Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser in White
Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser in White

The Tvilum looks very expensive but the cost is very reasonable for what you get here. This item also ships out quickly from the vendor and includes free shipping.


Tvilum Scottsdale Modern Dresser - Contemporary looks in coffee color

The coffee color tends to be a popular shade, considering that many homes today are very neutral in color, and coffee seems to match well in that surrounding. This simple design is both affordable and efficient.

Scottsdale 6 Drawer Double Dresser Finish: Coffee
Scottsdale 6 Drawer Double Dresser Finish: Coffee

The construction is sturdy and durable. It was noted that this is a product that requires assembly.


A modern dresser is a great addition to any home. If you liked the lens, let me know by adding a comment. Thanks for coming by!

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    • ItayaLightbourne profile image

      Itaya Lightbourne 5 years ago from Topeka, KS

      I like more contemporary designs these days. Nice selection.