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Modern Industrial Furniture

Updated on November 5, 2014

The Best Modern Industrial Furniture

Have you been wandering around looking for that unique piece of industrial furniture. Well then welcome to the hoard. The furniture epiphany. I have scoured around looking for the greatest industrial furniture available on the Australian market. So hold onto your hats, and get ready to be inspired.

Classic Table Modern Style

Here is a great office table for an office or an open planned area in your home or office. Use the ample surface area to lay out new designs or old favorites. The simple folding design adds a unique charm and will not take away any attention from any other pieces in your room. Keep it messy for an arty edge, or get all organised and productive, your choice.

The perfect latte storage device.

Ahoy Captain, Take A Seat.

Let's rip out the inner mariner. Use this shipyard stool to add some personality to your bedroom. The ocean is brought to you with this rugged stool. Constructed out of old recycled boat timber and steel, this has that unique aquatic character that can not be faked. Keep it in a corner to add some depth in a room, or place it in the center of a living room as a all-round seating option.

Parrot on shoulder, optional.

Hot Hot Hot

Style it up with this modern piece of hotness with sharp lines with an earthy edge. These ethanol burners provide great lighting, heat and atmosphere on your balcony, porch or outside setting. Light them up as soon as the sun slides into the horizon, and enjoy the atmosphere that only a warm fire can create. The jumping shadows cascaded on your walls will entrance you for hours.

Marshmallows not recommended.

Rock and Rolla

Are you after a storage compartment with attitude. Want to add some modern industrial pieces to your bedroom or living room. This durable case is not only a super stylish coffee table, but a great space saving device. Fill it up with your daily non-essentials and stick it in your living room. This one will get plenty of looks.

Caution, keep away from hills.

Mirrors and Apples

Bring some of the Big Apple into your home with this classic interior mirror. This range of interior mirrors will add a grungy industrial look with the large frames, and messy text. Use sparingly throughout your home to add some edge to your inner city dwelling.

Yeah Baby

Where oh where can you store all of those retro 60's dresses? Ah the dilemmas. Introducing the Mod 60's wardrobe. This four door coupe wardrobe has a spectacular finish that will really set off a bedroom hungering for style. Manufactured from recycled timber, this is a perfect example of using recycled materials to create modern classics.

Of course if you do not have enough clothes to fill this up yet, there is always ebay.

Key It Up

Underground Keyboard Stool
Underground Keyboard Stool

Quirky, edgy and random. Usher in industrial style with a giant keyboard stool in the middle of your room. Reminiscent of old school printers, this keyboard stool will type up some industrial edge in your inner city apartment. Great for adding vibe in constrained spaces. Get two with your mates initials to personalise up the experience.

Basic Interior Design Principles

No matter what type of environment you want to create, the basic principles of interior design can help you to make your dream room a reality.


Try to create a room with a sense of equilibrium. Create balance through the use of colours, patterns and texture. Balance can be created through the use of symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance or radial balance. Choose the style that best expresses the personality that you are after in the room.


Create atmosphere by highlighting and emphasising specific elements in a room. You may use a feature wall, a unique piece of furniture, or a piece of art to create a dynamic element in your room. Provide a focal point in the room so that there is flow and dynamism by using an emphasised element.


Don't just focus on the major elements of the room, such as paint and carpet, but instead add depth by utilising every available element. From the architraves to the trimming on the bedside lamp, use every element to provide a richness and depth to a room.

Industrial Furniture Links

Here are some of the best suppliers of industrial furniture, and some awesome design blogs that are worth following.

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Industrial Design Shop Tour

Here is a guided tour through a number of industrial design shops. Rich in inspiration and a very experienced guide.


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