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Modern Pedestal Sinks

Updated on September 27, 2014

Looking for a Modern Classic?

A pedestal sink is a classic finish in traditional bathrooms, but it is not reserved for that style alone. A sleek pedestal sink can also be the focal point of a modern bathroom. From a transitional renovation to a space age modern bathroom, there is a pedestal sink out there for every bathroom style. Follow along to see some of the top pics that decorators love to use.

Pictured above, the Bissonnet Emma Pedestal Sink has clean lines and modern stype, and a low price when you buy it from

American Standard Ravenna towel bar
American Standard Ravenna towel bar

American Standard Ravenna

An Affordable, Modern Pedestal with Towel Bar

Love the modern look of this pedestal vanity? So do decorators - and apparently so do shoppers. The American Standard Ravenna is the #1 best selling pedestal sink on right now.

Another plus? This budget friendly sink has a low price tag of only $190 AND comes with free shipping from

Perfect for small spaces and challenging wall conditions where installing a towel rack would be difficult, the Ravenna will please those with modern sensibilities as well as those looking for a simple, clean style.

Pair it with a modern toilet like the American Standard Fairfield and your bathroom makeover will be well underway!

Duravit Double Washbasin from the 2nd Floor Collection - A double pedestal sink like no other

A double pedestal sink. Yes! It exists!
A double pedestal sink. Yes! It exists!

Looking for a truly unique solution for a shared bath that is short on space? You don't have to give up on your desire for "double" sinks with the Duravit double washbasin from the 2nd Floor collection.

The modern style and novel appeal of this cool pedestal sink will make your bathroom a modern marvel. Buy it at and save.

Toto Nexus
Toto Nexus

Toto Nexus Collection

A Sleek, Petite Pedestal Sink

The Toto Nexus collection is a decorator's darling. Perfect for small bathrooms, a pedestal sink from the Toto Nexus collection can add a modern touch to a transitional bathroom, or carry a modern renovation with its cool, oval style.

The Nexus collection of porcelain bath fixtures includes sinks, toilets as well as coordinating faucets. This makes it easy to coordinate your Toto Nexus pedestal sink with a Toto toilet - known as the best in high efficiency toilets - and be perfectly coordinated all the way down to your towel rack and toilet paper holder.

Get the full effect when you pair the Toto pedestal sink with a coordinating Toto High Efficiency toilet

I am a firm believer in switching out the toilet when you change pedestal sinks. The two should have similar lines to create a cohesive look in your bath. The lines of the Toto Nexus toilet and sink perfectly complement each other for a great, modern bathroom look.

Ronbow Leonie lowest price
Ronbow Leonie lowest price

Ronbow Leonie

A Pedestal with Storage

The Ronbow Leonie is the perfect pedestal for an urban chic bathroom. Don't give up on getting a little bit of concealed storage space when going for the pedestal look. The sleek wood cabinet of the Leonie includes a glass shelf to store items underneath this sink. Available in a "dark cherry," or lighter "cinnamon" finish with coordinating marble and granite sink tops with either 8-inch centers or single faucet hole for a more modern look.

Here is a top faucet pick for the Ronbow Leonie with a single hole faucet:


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