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The Latest Trends in Modern Floor Lamps

Updated on December 19, 2015

Modern Floor Lamps

Great floor lamps are decorative, functional lighting for a bedroom, living room, family room or basement. They help balance light in room areas and are a modern accent of style. Decorative floor lamps are available in Eco-friendly and unique designs as a source of ambient, contemporary illumination.

Floor Lamp Finishes, Colors and Materials

Modern, contemporary, transitional, rustic, global and mid-century are a few floor lamp styles. Popular features include bronze, brass, silver or gold finishes. Other decorative finishes and colors include: black, brown, nickel, chrome, pewter and copper.

White, beige, multi-color, red and gray are decorative floor lamp colors as well. Metal, wood, glass, stone, mirrored, paper and porcelain are also beautiful floor lamp materials.

Floor Lamp Types

Decorative floor lamp types include: standard, torchiere, task and arched. Task lamps are great for reading or seeing up close. Standard floor lamps have an upright pole and a flat, round base. They are a modern choice when you need a simple floor lamp. And they add more light, have adjustable heights, and are flexible and space-saving.

Floor lamps with contemporary style are:

  • Shaded
  • Multiple socket tree lamp
  • Tripod styles

The most common modern floor lamps include these types:


This is an uplight that has a flat base and upright pole. Light is projected upward and bounces on the ceiling. It is soft, non-irritating light that is great in a small room.

Adjustable Floor Lamp

A versatile, adjustable floor lamp is a stylish choice for a contemporary room scheme. You can adjust the height which is controlled throuch the pole of the lamp.

Floor Lamps

Modern floor lamps come in shelf, club tower, 3-6 way bulb and arching styles.

Shelf Style

Floor lamps are convenient for holding a tray, books, magazines, small flowers or small gadgets.

Arching Floor Lamp

A modern arching floor lamp has a slender neck. It arcs up and holds a shade on a strong base. It best used for reading or to highlight expensive furniture.

Tower Lamp

The tower lamp is fashionable, ambient upward light. It is used to illuminate a small to medium room space. A tower lamp fits it well with an Asian or Oriental style of décor.

Adesso and Zuo are floor lamp brands that may be found online. A few great features for decorative floor lamps are: energy star certified, foot step switch, very tall and dimmer switch operation. Modern floor lamps are a wonderful choice in affordable decorating. As a part of your lighting design, they add purpose, style and overhead ambient lighting.


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