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Modern Wardrobes

Updated on January 20, 2013

Modern Wardrobe Design

Years ago a wardrobe was simply a basic storage space for clothing, some simple hangers and maybe some decorative touches on the facing to go some way to making it prettier! Nowadays wardrobes come in many shapes and sizes to fit the oddest of shapes and to appeal to the most design-led of people. In this lens we will be discussing the various styles and shapes of the modern wardrobe.

Mirrored Wardrobes.

A mirrored wardrobe is a fantastic wardrobe on many levels. In a small room it gives the illusion of more space as the mirrors work to put more light and space into the room. Also, with sliding doors they free up floor space in a small room.

Wardrobes as room dividers

Novamobili Tempo
Novamobili Tempo

With their contemporary, sleek designs there are several fantastic looking wardrobes that make room dividers to create a feature in a larger room. You could use one to create a divider between the bed/sleeping area and a relaxation/reading area or maybe to create more of an entranceway into your bedroom. The Novamobili range called the Tempo is a fantastic example of a room dividing wardrobe with sleek lines, curved corners and a range of sizes and shapes to fit into your bedroom.

Fitted Wardrobes

A wardrobe wall is another comtemporary take on a wardrobe and again the Novamobili's Tempo range comes up trumps for this too. It's curved edges and minimalist design means that you can have a large area of wall covered by your wardrobe but it retains a simple look with it's style and class and light, unobtrusive colours.

Fitted wardrobes generally let you customise the wardrobe to your needs so if you're after a wardrobe with lots of space and storage then a fitted wardrobe usually allows plenty of drawer storage space, tie storage and shoe storage along with the usual hanging rails.

Walk in wardrobes

Very 'Sex and the City' every girl would love a giant walk in wardrobe with dressing area – a room in itself just to pamper and admire the latest buy! Alas, not all of us can afford to devote an entire room to be turned into a walk in wardrobe and for those of us who can't we might as well stick to modern, contemporary designs instead to house our wonderful buys!

Children's Bedrom Furniture
Children's Bedrom Furniture

Last but by no means least : Children's Wardrobe

Wardrobes for in a child's bedroom are now a real treat for your little one. They come in bright colours and many have interesting shapes to the top and feet. You can get wardrobes that have curved top and feet to add a prince or princess slant to a bedroom. They tie in with the rest of the child friendly furniture to really allow your child to have a bedroom that appeals to them rather than having to make do with adult styled furniture with a few stickers and stencils whacked on it!

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