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Monica Main "The Real Estate Investor" An In Depth Look

Updated on January 30, 2012

Monica Main "The Real Estate Investor" An In Depth Look

Who is Monica Main? If you are searching to find out about her then you most likely have ran across one of her commercial property programs. So far she has published ones on:

1) How to buy commercial real estate

2) How to buy apartment complexes

3) How to make money in Commercial RE Short Sales

4) How to become a bird dog (get finders fees)

5) Monica's Wealth Attraction Mindset Program

When I found her program on how to buy apartment buildings it was very appealing to me. My interest in apartment buildings for a passive income has replaced any interest I once had in residential property. So my interest in knowing who she is came about from wanting to know if her program actually works. While a lot of the year's of content I had once on this lens has now been lost because of spammers and hackers that caused my lens to get locked and I was only able to salvage part of it, I have had to rebuild most of this lens.

This page started as a review for her apartment program, but expanded to cover all her programs.

Here's what I can do sum up all of her programs and what I have learned over years of following her and hundreds of emails and comments from readers over several years.

She is a great marketer. She is one hell of a non stop and determined woman to grow her business and investments. She has risen as one of the most know gurus (though she would not likely refer to herself as a guru) and an authority for the intro and medium range investor in commercial property, but not without concerns and people who have felt and maybe even really not treated right. She was into stocks or options training or something of that nature years ago, and got in trouble with the SEC and may or may not have been given a prison sentence from it. She does not do anything with stocks or options as far as I can tell now or train or teach about them. What ever happened with all of that, it now seems to be in the past and she is not into that market. The question I wanted to know when I heard about that, was did she change and or learn from it?

I have not heard any crazy stories in several months of people who were very upset and or who felt they got a bad deal from Monica. She has shifted into doing boot camps and seminars and conferences as her main focus it appears from what I have gathered. Her products on click bank all come with a 60 day money back guarantee and are pretty good. She was at one time sued by David Lindahl for allegedly copying his program, but the case was dismissed being as it was not filed correctly I believe and that has been some time now. The back lash and negative PR it gave David and that Monica dished out to him for it was rather extensive and what ever the case on that, it doesn't seem to be an issue any more.

Her mentor and training classes for $200-$1500 online and or by phone have got several complaints from people who didn't think it was worth it and there was no refund for them. However, her online products sold through click bank do come with a 60 day guarantee and were very helpful to me.

My Second Review: The Austin Davis Partnership Program

Also the Mastermind Group & Investor Network For Investors

To read my review of the Austin Davis Commercial Real Estate Investor partner program click here.

What is your investor experience?

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How many years have you worked with Monica Main on deals?

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How many commercial properties do you own?

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Old Comments and Feedback (Salvaged from old lens)

To leave need feedback and comments scroll down, it is after all of these old comments.

To leave need feedback and comments scroll down, it is after all of these old comments.

damien Dec 30, 2011 @ 3:03 pm

im interested in partnering...


Wayne Sheaffer Nov 3, 2011 @ 9:39 am

I have been receiving solicitation emails from this organization for several

months now. I think they are a waste of my time so I have asked politely 4 times to

be removed from the mailing list. Can anyone tell me how to get this organization to

stop sending me emails?

paul Nov 30, 2011 @ 1:50 am

just click the link at the bottom of her emails to remove yourself from her list

Entrance Sep 21, 2011 @ 10:28 am

I've been very successful in commercial investing, and I find this Lens to be

very informative. Cheers, well done!

mike Sep 12, 2011 @ 3:18 pm

I am an student, I have some deals I am working on, if you are interested in

partnering let me know.

Midas Aug 5, 2011 @ 11:01 pm

Hello, I'm Monica's student and I have strong positive cash flow deals with

equity. I am looking for a partner who can bring cash for lucrative deals. Please

email me.

mary May 31, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

program was helpful and informative. tried to contact monica but never heard

back, but the program was good.

terry May 27, 2011 @ 4:02 pm

when you get a chance can you email me about this

Jennifer May 21, 2011 @ 10:38 am

I've bought Monica's real estate programs (I think almost every one she has ever

made) and followed her for a few years now. When she first got into real estate

teaching it was uncertain if she was any good or if she was legit I thought. She used

to be into investing and flopped in that with stocks or trading on the stock market.

So I was skeptical if her real estate stuff was going to be legit or not. I have

found her stuff very helpful and it helped me get started in apartment buildings. Her

online mentoring and teaching groups and classes have always had a cloud over them

and seemed high priced with little value and a lot of people have expressed strong

disapproval on them. However, her in person seminars have got a lot of good reviews

and I have yet to meet anyone who was not happy with those. They cost more and are

not one on one, but the online mentoring classes while advertised as such are not

what most people expect and as such I think you'd be better of going to her in person

seminars. Her online products are cheap at all under $100 and come with a 60 day

money back guarantee which is the best value she offers I think.

C CHU Apr 9, 2011 @ 4:02 pm




Shawn Apr 7, 2011 @ 5:54 pm

I have been following commercial real estate guru's for years now and while i

don't think everything they offer and do is nearly as easy as they say and a lot of

their high priced mentoring, bootcamps and seminars are more hype than real stuff

that is going to help you, Monica sure has risen to the top as one of the top gurus.

David Lindahl used to be I think the top dog, but Monica has been the underdog who

has been going up against him for a while now and I think she is likely to trump him

at the top dog in commercial real estate. I read the lawsuit he filed against her to

try to shut her down, and how it got thrown out, and made him look bad trying to

shut her down and seems like more and more people know who she is now. The thing I

wish that she would do is setup a members forum so all of us students could network.

That would be really helpful.

James Mar 2, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

Hey Jackson,

I read you post, and I'm wondering where in California do you service as a


Let me know.

Thank you


Gary Feb 16, 2011 @ 4:16 pm

My wife bought her program a few years ago and it did help us get started. We

couldn't get anything funded from her list of funding sources though and they all

wanted thousands of dollars up front (which we didn't have). I can't say they wouldn't

work, but we just didn't have that kind of money for our first deal. We did also try

Austin Davis's program and while it did not have the training on the basics like

monicas program had, it did help us with setting up and reviewing our deals and we

learned how to find sellers and get them to give us terms and how to get around the

objections and questions sellers and brokers had. getting a contract signed was

harder than we thought it would be. once we learned some tricks to get rid of the

questions they asked we had a lot better success. also austins team paired us with a

partner to bring the cash to close on the deal. we tried monicas partner program too

and send many deals to her, but every time it was something that seemed rather stupid

as to why the deal was rejected. and she kept asking for more stuff. im really not

sure if she has any investors at all, or if they ran out of money or if they are just

taking the deals we send to them and making offers and monica told us there was

something wrong. what ever the reason we had no success with it. That or maybe her

investors have so many deals they just can't take them all. Her program does cover the

basics though and is worth getting for that alone. I wouldn't partner with her to take

her mentoring classes again though as my wife wasn't impressed.

lee Feb 23, 2011 @ 1:26 am

i have her program and agree with what you said. i will have to check out austins

program as that sounds like what i could use as well. do you know any others?

past mentoring student (i don't want to give my name and get yelled at) Feb 8, 2011 @

4:57 pm

stay away from working with her as the mentoring and classes and online teaching

stuff if a waste of time!! i did this and never got hard any answers back from her

and the online chats were a waste of time. i did like her program and it was very

informational but i guess that is what is used to bait you to want more and fork out

$500 or more just to chat with her only she took forever to reply and the reply was

not anyhelp. and lo and behold only her program has the refund guarantee. her

mentoring and online teaching has no money back guarantee!!! so even if you think it

sucks and get nothing from it, tough luck. i did keep her program as i liked it and

im more than willing to pay when there is good content and it was good. but the

mentoring was no help.

terry Feb 8, 2011 @ 11:01 pm

i have not done her mentoring but bought her program and liked it. i got my first

deal done with austin davis and his staffs help from his program. its not training so

much on looking at deals and what to look for and things to watch out for though. its

on how to write the terms and get your seller to agree to them to then get it funded.

they also will help you find a partner. i was able to partner with another student

who paid for the money to close on my deal. i had to read up a lot on what to look

for during due diligence though as austin davis does not cover the basics like that

but just how to get the deal closed and get the funding to do it. if that is what you

want to get help with on you can get that with his training. if you are wanting

mentoring to learn the basics you can get books about them on amazon or a local book

store for 20 or so.

alberto Jan 8, 2011 @ 3:44 pm

thank you for making this page and all the research. i just finished reading all

the things people have said here and commented on and wow was there a lot of them. i

have been getting monicas advertising things now for over a year and have read this

page before and really thought about buying her program. i am however a very

skeptical person and always am afraid of getting ripped off or losing money but today

when i was looking at the documents on monicas problems with the commodities and

stocks thing and the prison thing i got to thinking.. that was in 2001 and here it

is 9 years later or well 10 now i guess and she hasn't got in trouble since then and i

googled trying to find out more about her and there is nothing but all her real

estate stuff. there are some people who seem to hate her and had bad experiences but

there is a lot of people who are really happy with it and like it. and i got to

thinking here i am for years busting my butt trying to make ends meet and here is a

lady who went to prison and got sued by the government and lost it all from a bk and

yet she is up and going and teaching and doing real estate and i thought to myself

why in the world can someone who lost it alll and got so set back able to come back

and here i who have never got in trouble and have squat. so i deciced im going to get

her program and study it cause its been around for a long time now and look at all

these people buying it and making money. looks like her mentoring programs are not a

good deal but her program has the money back guarantee and heck if it is crap i just

get my money back.. but gosh here i have wasted a year or more worrying and

wondering.. why didn't i just try it and then it it was bad get a refund. so here it

is a new year and my 2011 goal is to get my first property! i can do it.. that is my

goal this year. well this is just my ramblings but thank you for this page as it

really encouaged me to go for my dreams.

Jackson Dec 30, 2010 @ 7:40 pm

Hey Dustin,

I've read your posting and am hearing all of this stuff about Monica's program

for the first time. I did purchase her course and am currently using it for myself. I

have a real estate license. I started investing in real estate back in 1989 flipping

(I have not yet been able to recover all the lost data from past feedback. I am working on it)

Feedback and Comments - Old Feedback from years past is below this box

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    • profile image

      Mike hijo 

      3 years ago

      She is dumb

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have bought a few of her programs and got a good start with them, but I found her personal support to be lacking and I found many deals for her to partner on with her partner program, all of which met her requirements and she would always come back with more items to get and when I would get them would say stupid things like the seller says it is no longer for sale, but when I asked the seller they said Monica never contacted them. When I asked her about that, she said it was her assistant that told her that. Yet, never did anything to follow up on the deal. These were not flaky deals and I did all the work to find the exact deals she wanted with criteria for them, and then she would just drop the ball, which was very frustating. I didn't pay for her mentoring, but people I have talked to said that she would not answer the questions she was asked and would get upset when questioned. I understand there are delays and it takes time, but I was not being demanding and it was not a time issue, but her just dropping the ball. If she is going to sell a partner program then it needs to be one in which people can do deals when they bring them to her, not where she makes excuses for dropping the ball all the time.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: why are you bashing one program and trying to sell another? looks like your link for the ther program has been removed, but when you bash a program and try to sell another it makes people question if you are trying to sell another program. I have found her programs to be very informative and cheap at under $100, but I do agree that her mentoring and high ticket items seem to be where people are not satisfied and also can not get a refund if they are not.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: look on the past comments for the past report info

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I paid $600 to get into her $25M deal (no proof yet) where some investors from India want to partner with some of her students to get them to identify distressed SFRs and buy them with investors' funds, then rent them for five years and sell them, split the rent and appreciation. Monica does not understand appreciation. Only XXXXXXX, Harvard MBA, does (XXXXXXXXX). I've written her several times and only heard back once on specifics, where she now says you can't spend any more than $25K on a house! And you have to do this deal within 100 miles of your house. Well, there are NO houses under $25k still standing within 100 miles of my house, so I'm hoping she won't screw me and will give me back the $600 it took to buy into this deal. Since we were not told THAT issue until after we started working on it for several weeks and then it took her weeks longer to answer our questions which is where that info came up, so I hope she comes through with the refund.

      By the way, her materials are rambling, not organized. She can sell very well, but as far as giving people real solid information, you can get more from a book on Amazon, really. And her mobile home park materials are a waste of time. XXXXXXXXX is much better. (Parts of these comments were blocked for possible spam).

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      It's interesting that this "in depth look" doesn't include her former name nor her convictions for fraud. I was interested in her program but looked carefully at her, looks like she has a nasty past.

      I can do better on my own without somebody using me to do the work, having me take the risk, and earning money off both my success and failure.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Just read you were hacked sorry to hear about that. I don't know what else I know to add that would be of any help, but I bought her program and I thought it was helpful. I have not gone to her seminars or done any mentoring though as it was a lot more and it is hard for me to get time off from work.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this. I am looking into buying her program and it was helpful.


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