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Moroccan Wall Stencil

Updated on December 29, 2013

Beautiful Moroccan Wall Stencils To Decorate Your Walls

If you're looking for a beautiful Moroccan wall stencil that you can use to paint your walls in a new and eyecatching design, look no further! Here I have collected for you some of the most elegant, visually attractive wall stencils in the various Moroccan patterns, including the Damask stencils and paisley stencils - and yes, they also belong to the Moroccan stencil family.

Stenciled walls are becoming quite popular today. While wall decals still abound, people are going back to using various designs and patterns that they can paint in unique ways rather than simply pasting something already made on their walls. This allows you to basically have a painted wall that is truly unique, that is truly yours.

Cutting Edge Stencils Moroccan Stencil Casablanca for Walls and Furniture

Even when other people have the same stencils like you have, you can create something entirely different for your own wall décor.

Also stenciling helps bring an exquisite, modern and often oriental look to your walls. By reusing the stencils over and over again you not only save money, but also can change the look of your wall any time you are bored with the existing one. DIY décor has never been more fun!

Stencil Ease Moroccan Wall Stencils

Moroccan Wall Stencil Designs By Stencil Ease

A very popular stencil creator is Stencil Ease. They are in fact one of the largest stencil manufacture in the US, making a wide range of beautiful and highly decorative stencils for walls and floors. Here you will find some elegant stencils crafted with great attention to details in the Moroccan design that are perfect for a Moroccan home decor style.

Moroccan Wall and Floor StencilCHECK PRICE

Marrakesh Wall & Floor Stencil

Marrakesh Wall & Floor (4 Repeat) Stencil - 4 - Size: 35.5 In. High X 35 In. Wide - 7.5 Mil Standard
Marrakesh Wall & Floor (4 Repeat) Stencil - 4 - Size: 35.5 In. High X 35 In. Wide - 7.5 Mil Standard

Enchanting Morrocan wall stencil with the Marrakesh pattern for walls, floors and ceilings. The stencil size is 17.75 wide x 17.9" high and it comes on a 19.5" x 19.5" plastic stencil sheet.

Very easy to create a Moroccan design for your walls by repeating the pattern along the entire wall.


Cutting Edge Moroccan Wall Stencil Designs

Moroccan Wall Stencils By The Popular Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is one of the biggest names in stencil production for walls and overall interior décor. They have a wide range of Moroccan wall stencil shapes and designs that are worth checking out. You can truly make some beautiful wall decorations using their all over stencils, focal point stencils and border stencils.

From the popular Casablanca design to the Marrakesh trellis, Moroccan Zamira and Moroccan Dream, these have all something in common: they are designs with a Morrocan pattern that will create a particular wall décor style that will match the furniture you already have - or create a new lovely interior décor that is so different from what you had before. These stencils are slightly geometric in nature, yet a bit different, enough to give another look to any room. Have fun browsing!

Cassablanca Morrocan Wall StencilCHECK PRICE

Marrakech Trellis Wall StencilCHECK PRICE

Moroccan Dream StencilCHECK PRICE

Zamira Moroccan StencilCHECK PRICE

How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge

More Popular Morrocan Wall Stencil Designs Worth Checking Out

Moroccan Stencil by Faux Like a Pro

Faux Like a Pro Moroccan Stencil, 10.5 by 10.5-Inch, Single Overlay
Faux Like a Pro Moroccan Stencil, 10.5 by 10.5-Inch, Single Overlay

Elegant wall stencil crafted by Faux Like A Pro. The stencil measures 8"X8" repeat. The actual plastic stencil has a strudy and well constructed design that makes it easy to stencil your walls.

Great way to decorate your home if you like the Moroccan ambient to your room.


Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design

Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design #2001 Stencil Size 12" X 12", Pattern Size 8" X 11"
Large Wall Trellis Damask Faux Mural Design #2001 Stencil Size 12" X 12", Pattern Size 8" X 11"

Finally this large Damask wall stencil from Lightsforever comes in one size only, 12" X 12", with a pattern size of 8" X 11".


Check The Video For Painting The Damask Designs From Lightsforever On Your Walls

Tools You Need For Wall Stenciling

When you want to stencil your walls you need a few tools of the trade. Not many, mind you, but something that will help you create straight lines, clear paint patterns and great decorations. Here are some of the popular tools that you will probably end up using for your next DIY wall painting project.

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Which Moroccan Wall Stencil Above Is Your Favorite?

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    • vinopete profile image

      vinopete 5 years ago

      So beautiful! I love Moroccan inspired decorating.

    • hotsquid profile image

      hotsquid 5 years ago

      Just watched a video tutorial, seems like a lot of work :). But they do come out beautiful tho.

    • writerkath profile image

      writerkath 5 years ago

      How clever!! I never would have thought of this!

    • profile image

      anitabreeze 5 years ago

      wow, I think I really like this Moroccon look!

    • profile image

      khatha0808 5 years ago

      A lot of idea for wall decoration. Nice lens

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      My favorite is the Gabrielle Damask stencil - I would like to do one of my dining room walls with that.