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Mosquito Control With a Mosquito Magnet

Updated on October 28, 2014

Understand Mosquitoes to Control Them

Meet Culex Pipiens otherwise referred to as the House Mosquito.

It's no secret that nobody likes pesky mosquitoes but if you understand a little more about how they live and breed then you will be better prepared to deal with them and the problems they cause.

This little guy is the primary carrier, of Western Equine Encephalitis,St. Louis Encephalitis, Heartworm in dogs, West Nile Virus, and bird Malaria.

Yes this tiny little guy is a big threat to our outdoor enjoyment and the safety and health of our pets especially during the warm summer months.

A mosquitoes wings will beat up to 600 times per second(No wonder we hear that annoying buzz)

A mosquito can complete its entire life cycle from an egg to an adult in as few as 4 days, however this process usually takes around two weeks to complete.

It is estimated that there are between 2500 to 3000 different species of mosquitoes in the world.

Just like humans male mosquitoes tend to live shorter lives than females, two weeks is the average for a male mosquito while a female might last a month.

Both male and female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar for nourishment. The females only bite humans or animals to get the proteins found in blood to develop her eggs.

A female mosquito can lay up to 300 eggs at one time.

Some types of female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in a small amount of water such as that found in a small flower pot or even an old coffee cup.

Some species of mosquito larvae will eat other mosquito larvae.

A mosquito can infect you or I with West Nile Virus and we may never know it, not everyone ends up with the symptoms.

Did you know that antibiotics don't work on mosquito borne diseases because they are viruses. Antibiotics don't fight viruses.

Mosquitoes don't have good vision, They rely on the carbon dioxide that we exhale in order to find us.(More on why this is valuable information to know later)

Diseases Carried By Mosquitoes

What are Arboviral Encephalitides

In simple terms, arboviral refers to a disease that is transmitted by an arthropod such as a mosquito to a host, usually a human, bird or animal.

What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

Eastern Equine Encephalitis, commonly referred to as EEE,is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes to humans and horses. People who work out doors or are active outdoors and who reside in the Great Lakes, Eastern Seaboard States or Gulf Coast regions of the US especially around freshwater swampy areas need to be particularly aware of this disease and how it is spread to humans and horses as this is prime breeding grounds for EEE transmitting mosquiotes.

You should also use caution when visiting these regions.

What is West Nile Virus?

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-carried disease that over time has become more prevalent in many regions of the world, including the United States. The CDC tracks West Nile Virus cases and other life-threatening diseases.West Nile Virus was first reported in the United States back in 1999.

With the West Nile Virus itself, few of those exposed will develop severe symptoms, except in those cases where the victims are elderly, pregnant or have weakened immune systems.

Heart worm, What Is It?

Heart worm larvae is the cause of the disease Heart Worm Your family pet could be in danger if it gets bitten by a mosquito carrying the heart worm larvae.There are a variety of drugs approved for use on your pet by the Food and Drug Administration to prevent heart worm.

One might think that keeping pets indoors will prevent heart worm but mosquitoes have a way if getting inside so controlling the mosquitoes and treating your pet are the two best ways to keep the pet healthy.

How to Control Mosquitoes With Mosquito Magnet

First things first, it is important to realize that mosquitoes will never go away and the idea of repelling them or spraying to kill them is a futile ongoing expensive process. But don't give up because there is a system that uses what they are naturally attracted to as a tool to lore them in and kill them effortlessly for you 24/7.

You see we have already determined that it is the female that is attracted to us by the carbon dioxide and moist air we give off when we breath. This is where the Mosquito Magnet gets its power over the mosquito population. With their system the unit emits an invisible vapor of warm moist carbon dioxide that naturally and silently attracts the mosquitoes 24/7 into a vacuum based system that traps them in a mesh system until the die within 24 hours of dehydration. No harsh pesticides, no noise zappers, clean simple and neat.

Watch this video to learn more.

Mosquito Magnet Testimonials From Real People

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