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Most Beautiful Depression Era Glassware Colors

Updated on January 14, 2013

Depression glass is oftentimes associated with the hard times America was facing during the Great Depression of the 1930‘s. While this glass was distributed for no or low cost to the needy, today certain pieces do posses a considerate monetary value to them and became more appreciated over the years not only for their rarity but also for their one of a kind appearance. As we all probably know, the glassware came in different shapes and colors. Having closely observed depression glassware, the following is what I personally consider it at its best and most pleasing in terms of its color.

Teal Colored Glassware
This combination of a dark blue colored translucent glass will sure make for a nice addition to your 1930’s era collection. Naturally, teal is composed of a hint of a dark color together with blue being the dominant color thereby making the piece gradually but surely slightly change its overall color composition if rotated and viewed from an angle.
Because of their catchy and interesting features, they are much appreciated and are pretty appealing. However, due to the scarcity of this color, the demand is also pretty high.
Some examples of nice looking teal colored glassware are the ultramarine swirl bowl and the Doric’s and Pansy Child’s cup and Saucer produced by the famous Jeanette Glass Company.

Black Colored Glassware
Black is known to be a pretty early glass color. This particular color was defined in different ways by certain American Glassware companies and was somewhat synonymous to dark ebony and onyx just to name a few. When describing the depression glass in this same color, it has this one of a kind black purple combination to it. When viewed in an illuminated place or held up against the light, the color purple becomes very apparent. On the other hand, this same exact glassware would appear completely solid black if no light source was used which I think gives it some character. This unique color was achievable by combining a special purple colored chemical known as manganese into the formula. As we already know, people tried to be as economical as possible during those hard times. Therefore, to reduce expenses, they cut down on that chemical. As a result, this gave birth to this appealing type of glassware.

Cobalt Blue Glassware
This Gorgeous regal blue color is not only popular amongst depression era collectors. Many collector admire many other pieces made in this particular color. I believe you can undoubtedly describe this color as rich, bold and intense looking. Depression glassware in this color is not only greatly appreciated but is also highly sought after. For this reason, it can be a bit challenging getting your hands on any of these pieces as it does not remain in antique stores for long periods of time. One of the renowned companies that produced good quality depression era pieces was the Hazel- Atlas Glass Company. It produces a variety of cobalt glassware such as Royal lace creamers, and pitchers.


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    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 5 years ago from Virginia

      Nice introduction to colored glassware. Thanks