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Moving and relocating cleaning tips

Updated on January 12, 2017

Clean out all the rooms and closets

You have to know that if you want to leave good impression and get your deposit back, you have to clean your old home before moving in the new home. Clean the windows, vacuum, get rid of the cobwebs, dusting the ceilings. Don’t forget to clean out all the rooms and closets. You don’t want the next tenants to learn about all your dirty secrets. And also to see your dirty bathroom. Scrub the sink and the bathtub, clean the mirror, kill the mold. In the kitchen you have to wash the fridge, clean the oven, clean out the cabinets, shine up the sink and the faucets. Be really diligent with the bathroom and the kitchen because they are the dirtiest areas in every home.

Throw away what you don’t need

When you get out all your stuff, make a selection. Throw away all unnecessary things. Some of them you can donate and others, like junk mail, just throw away. Don’t be sentimental. You don’t need junks in your new home.

Bring together all the documents

Pay attention to documents and folders before you start to throw. Put important documents in a secure box. You can make the same with other valuables and jewelry.

Organize your stuff in boxes

Divide them into categories to make them easier to unpacking. Kitchen utensils, picture frames, souvenirs, toys, clothes, shoes, etc. It will be really helpful if you do this. After that label all the boxes and numerate them. Put the “this side up” and “fragile” signs on every box.

Moving out

Make a final check of the entire house before you move out. Take pictures of the place and send them to the landlord. It is something like insurance because you don’t want to be falsely accused that you were damaging the house. Finally don’t forget to say “goodbye” to your old home and return the keys.

Moving in

First of all be in your new home before your stuff, because you have to clean it well, before starting to live there. Repeat step 1 but now put more effort, because after all this is your new home.


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