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Unique "Family" Gifts For Your Home

Updated on April 14, 2014

Let me introduce you to "The Chin Family" from Alessi--

Looking for a unique and kitchen useful gift (or gifts)? Well, I would like to introduce you to the "Chin Family". The "Chin Family" was developed with the cooperation of the National Palace Museum of Taiwan and Alessi, an Italian design company.

The collaboration between the Alessi firm and the National Palace Museum of Taiwan grew out of a desire of the museum to encourage greater awareness of Chinese history and culture. Alessi and the Museum in Taiwan want to introduce a bit of the "whimsy" of 18th century Chinese ceramic trinkets while still being utterly useful and contemporary.

Alessi asked Stefano Giovannoni to imagine and design a sort of mascot for the new Museum of the 21st Century. From this was born "The Chin Family" series: a group of characters, each of whom represents a specific household kitchen function.

What a delightful introduction to Chinese culture. Get to know the Chin Family.

I would like you to meet OrienTales "chin banana" toothpick holder by stefano giovannoni for alessi

shown here. See the bananas on his shirt? He is a toothpick holder and is made of thermoplastic resin and is hand painted!

photo credit:

Mr. Chin Eggcup
Mr. Chin Eggcup

Meet Mr. Chin (the egg-cup)

An Eggs-trodinary Gift!

The Alessi Mr. Chin Egg Cup turns a simple breakfast into a meal happily consumed. The Mr. Chin Egg Cup, a 2007 design by Stefano Giovannoni and Rumiko Takeda, is a part of the historic Chin Family.

Mr. Chin is made from Thermoplastic material. He has a separately molded/assembled head, hat, body, foot, and pompom. Like Banana, he is hand painted. He comes in blue (shown), yellow, and red.

You can buy him by clicking Mr. Chin Little Hat Egg Cup

(the photo comes from this site as well.)

Taiwan's National Palace Museum - Taipei, Taiwan--Inspirational Home of these fun kitchen accessories.

National Palace Museum in Taipei
National Palace Museum in Taipei

Another image of the front of the Palace Museum in Taiwan. The image is from Wikipedia

Start a "Chin Family" Kitchenware Collection. - Unique House Warming Gifts

Don't you just love these Chin Family members? I am thinking about giving some as gifts. Great for a housewarming, wedding or birthday! Don't forget gifts for the holidays, too. Start a "Chin Family" collection for someone today.

Michael Graves Teapot from Alessi
Michael Graves Teapot from Alessi

The Alessi Company (Michael Graves has designed for them)

Information from Wikipedia

Alessi, known as the Italian design factory, has manufactured household products since 1921, the stylish and fun items offered are the result of contemporary partnerships with some of the world's best designers of unique and modern home accessories.

Alessi is a kitchen utensil company from Italy. They design everyday items from plastic and stainless steel.

From the 1980s onward, Alessi has been particularly associated with the notion of "designer" objects - otherwise ordinary tools and objects executed as high design, particularly in a post-modern mode, from designers such as Philippe Starck and Michael Graves. Most of the memorable "designer kettles," "designer toothbrushes," "designer graters" and so on were Alessi products.

You can purchase this famous teapot by clicking here:

Michael Graves Teapot by Alessi

You can learn more by visiting the Alessi Company's website.

More Chins! Bookmarkers and Cell Phone Charms - Gift giving has never been easier!

So, you do not want to give a "kitchen" item. Well, here are more gift ideas from Alessi that are not used there. How about a bookmarker or a cell phone charm? Spread that Chinese Culture!

I love the clean, contemporary design of the Chin products. What do you think of them. Are these kitchenware products a good way to introduce the world to the Chinese culture? I personally think they would be a unique and thoughtful gift.

Will you be inviting the Chin Family into your Kitchen? - Or perhaps you will be sending them to someone else as a gift?

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    • pkmcruk profile image

      pkmcr 7 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Hadn't heard about Mr Chin Gifts before! Really nicely presented and informative lens - blessed by a passing Squid Angel :-)