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Mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris

Updated on October 12, 2014

Mugwort is a traditional witchcraft herb. I have purchased some seeds from one of my favorite websites on the internet. This will be listed below. It is a website called Alchemy-Works. I have used Mugwort in my magick for many years. It was first given to me as a gift from a friend I had met at the Wiccan Church of Canada. I have used Mugwort as an incense and as a filling for a dream pillow.

Mugwort is a Venus governed herb. Some attribute it to the Moon because it is used in a lot of dream magic. This year I will be growing my own Mugwort for the very first time. This herb is loved by the Druids. It is also sacred to Artemis or Diana.

Dreamwork Using Mugwort

Mugwort is useful in dream magic. There are various ways you can use Mugwort. You can create an incense very easily with Mugwort. This would entail purchasing self igniting charcoal and burning the herb on it. Self igniting charcoal requires a flame proof receptacle to be placed on. I have one constructed out of terra cotta which I purchased at a West Indian shop around the corner. This store appears to be a normal discount store from the front. In the back room they sell various occult supplies. I purchased for less than a dollar a holder for self igniting charcoal. In the past I used a brick to place the charcoal on. This charcoal is too hot to be placed on a regular ceramic dish. The heat would cause the dish to break.

The other ways of using Mugwort for dream magic include making a tea and drinking it before bed. You can also construct a dream pillow with Mugwort as a stuffing. It has also been suggested that you can rub your third eye with Mugwort leaf.

Growing Mugwort

Mugwort should be started indoors. You sprinkle the seeds onto a wet planting mix. Then you refrigerate it for 2 weeks. Germinate at room temperature. These can also be planted directly in the soil once the frost is over. Mugwort is a perennial. It can be propagated by root division in the fall. This plant grows very high. It will need a little bit of space. It grows as high as 7 feet. This plant tolerates the cold very well. It does like full sun. The soil should be rich and moist.

Muggwort Videos On Youtube

Useful Websites

These websites will give you further information on Mugwort.

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