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Murano Vases

Updated on October 17, 2014

Murano Vases

Murano vases are made from a type of glass called Murano glass. This glass has been produced for centuries on the Italian island of Murano, near Venice. Skilled craftsmen working at the island's factories, have learned how to manipulate glass in an age-old way. Many of these craftspeople add their own individual artistic style in creating each unique vase. In addition to vases, these techniques create other types of art glass.

The designs found on these vases include swirled multicolored glass with clear glass overlays. Murano glass vases may be symmetric like traditional vases, but they are also found in asymmetrical shapes.

Below I have selected a number of Murano glass vases that exemplify the art. Consider one to decorate your home or office or give as a very unique gift.

Vintage Pink Murano Art Glass Vase

This odyssey in pink is a stunning one-of-a-kind vintage vase made of famous Italian Murano hand-blown glass.

* measures approximately 6.5" High

* highly collectible

Murano Cranberry Art Glass Vase

This hand blown cranberry glass vase will brighten any decor.

* certified made in Italy

Murano Art Glass Vase

This lovely vase in swirls of rainbow shades is hand-blown Murano glass,

* made in Italy with original sticker

* measures 17" tall, 10" wide.

Murano Crystal Vase with Brass Accents

Crafted by Italian artisans, this Murano vase is produced with hand cut crystal and embellished with brass accents.

  • Dimensions in inches:. Length: 7.5. Height: 16. Width: 7.5

Circular Swirls Murano Glass Vase in Rainbow Colors

This lovely vase was handcrafted by skilled artisans and is finished with a clear glass coat to give its glimmering shine.

* Approximate Dimensions: 8" (width) x 8" (height)

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Murano Glass Rainbow Crystal Sommerso Black Line Vase

This vase shows exquisite glass layering to produce an eye-catching sculpture

* Approx. Dimension: 3" (Diameter) x 10" (height)

Ruby Sommerso Vase of Murano Design Glass

Consider owning or gifting this unique vase which is hand-made and mouth blown

* Approximate Dimensions: 6" (width) x 12" (height)

Antique and Vintage Murano Glass Vases

See what vases of Murano glass eBay offers today

Thanks for Looking at My Selection of Beautiful Murano Vases

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