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My Delonghi EC702 Review

Updated on September 17, 2013


For me there is nothing better than a cup of coffee! I know a lot of people say that drinking coffee before bed time is WRONG! I personally disagree, which is one of the reasons I decided to write my Delonghi EC702 review.

To be honest if you have come across this Squidoo lens, you are probably wondering why the title of this page is so precise? Well my answer to your question is simply this: I Own A Delonghi EC702 so it made sense to right about it.

Now living in the UK, most people would presume I love a cup of tea. (typical stereo-type) how ever I actually hate tea. Maybe it's the way I make it but it just seems like I'm drinking a cup of warm water.


Whether it's that first cup of coffee in the morning, a mid morning cuppa or any other time of the day; my preferred drink has to simply be coffee.


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delonghi ec702
delonghi ec702

My Delonghi EC702 Review

So as I have already said, as I own a EC702 coffee machine it made complete logical sense to write my delonghi ec702 review.

We brought our machine a year or so ago and to be honest I couldn't of been more happy with it. For me I seriously love to start my day with a creamy latte. I know for most people they probably would prefer an espresso first thing.

So on with my review:

Features Of The EC702

Ability To Use Convenient Pods or Ground CoffeeCappuccino System FrotherPatented Dual Function Filter HolderCup Warming TrayTechnical SpecificationsInput Power: 1100 wattsBoiler: Stainless SteelPump Pressure: 15-barDimensions: 11.25" x 8.19" x 12.5"


When I originally brought my EC702, I didn't realise that it came with the facility to use either ground coffee or pods so as you can imagine that was a pleasant surprise. For me I like to use freshly ground coffee as I love to try various blends of coffee.

In fact further down the page you will see I have included a few links to some of the ground coffee that I have tried.

However if you really are looking to make a quick cup of coffee, then the EC702's ability to also use E.S.E Pods is a great alternative.


My favourite bit. To create the perfect latte you need a frother. It's as simple as that and the EC702 comes with a patented frother system that allows you to easily prepare latte and cappuccino's.

Simply put the frother mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth.


Not something that I really thought about when I initially brought my Delonghi EC702 but certainly a feature I wanted to include in my Delonghi EC702 review.

Nothing helps keep a cup of coffee warmer longer than when you make it in a warm cup. Obviously Delonghi put a lot of thought into the design of this product. There probably are other makes of coffee maker than have this facility but I'm not aware of any.

Get Yours TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

It would be a bit silly to write about the Delonghi EC702 but not give you the option to be able to buy one for yourself. So with this in mind I have included the ability to buy your own.

You will see from AMAZON that over 500 people have took the time to leave a review of the EC702 plus it also has been awarded 3.5 stars out of 5.

Do You LOVE Coffee

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Check Out This Delonghi EC702 YouTube Video

Coffee OR Tea

So What & Why is your Favourite?


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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this information about Delonghi coffee machine. Very thorough and so well done!

    • AntonioM23 profile image

      AntonioM23 4 years ago

      Great lens,thanks for sharing this info