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3 Ways To Get More Life Out of Your Old Garden Decorations!

Updated on November 27, 2014
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SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

You Can Change The Look Of Your Garden In Three Easy Steps!

Let's face it, our garden art has seen better days. The little cute doggie welcome sign has fallen apart and is sitting in a flowerpot. The pretty handmade bird windchimes have lost many of the beads and needs work, and it's too valuable to toss out. The big resin statue of the angel in the back garden has a big hole broken into the side.

You get the idea! Garden decorations can be very expensive, and we do become attached to them. Every Spring I go out and walk all my gardens, picking up anything that is broken or otherwise needs my attention. I put it all into a big box and it stays in the garage until I feel like messing with it. But at least it's out of harm's way, safe from the elements, and can't get any worse.

Here are some ideas for upcycling your garden art, or just improving the condition of it, so that it is viable again. Now you can go gathering...

Every Garden Needs A Pink Flamingo!

What You Will Need

Things Convenient To Have On Hand...

–Basic tools - hammer, small pliers, round-nose jewelry pliers, scissors

–Glue. White regular glue, glue gun, and ultra-strong glue that can be used on wood and/or metal.

–Acrylic paints & brushes for touch-ups

–Monofilament fishing line, 10-lb. test, for all sorts of things including hanging objects.

– Optional - various colorful glass and crystal beads for embellishing projects

3 Ways To Improve Your Garden Decorations! - Clean It, Combine It, Move It!

  1. Clean it up and fix whatever is broken. Clean item with paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner. Get creative with monofilament and heavy duty glue to tie parts together. Do touch-up painting on anything that looks faded. You can also apply a clear-coat of polyurethane when you're done to protect your newly-refurbed object.
  2. Combine it! Play with your pile of objects and see what things you could possibly combine. Would that pinwheel stick look cute tucked into a planter instead of just the ground? Could you use that ceramic bird as a "dinger" for a windchime? Could you attach that broken feeder tray to that old birdhouse, making it a multi-purpose bird station? You get the idea... think about what will work with what.
  3. Move it! Are you tired of seeing that little rabbit in the corner of the garden where it's been for years? Move it to a new location and you might enjoy looking at it more. You could put that resin dog statue in the center of that huge fountain. The one thing you want to think carefully about is moving bird houses around. Some birds return to the same exact tree branch, year after year. You don't want to confuse the birds!

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