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Decorative Napkin Holders

Updated on November 14, 2014

Decorative Napkin Holders for Cloth or Paper Napkins

Pretty napkin holders for cloth or paper napkins are available in all manner of styles and materials. Even if you use paper napkins, you can decorate your everyday table with a pretty napkin holder. A napkin holder will keep your napkins tidy in the cupboard and still look pretty on your table or counter.

Depending on the style, a napkin holder will hold a certain size napkin. Some work well for rolled up or folded cloth napkins too! Be sure to check the size of a napkin holder to fit the types of napkins that you use.

Below are a variety of napkin holders that I think will look nice in any home. If you don't need one, consider one as a nice gift idea for a housewarming gift.

Napkin holders keep things neat

So napkins aren't scattered about your feet

Nambe Napkin Holder with Pebble

Nambe Pebble Napkin Holder
Nambe Pebble Napkin Holder

Here we have a pebble napkin holder that is crafted from signature Nambe Alloy

* Designed by Sean O'Hara


Pebble Napkin Holder Crafted from Signature Nambe Alloy

Designed by Sean O'Hara

Present your napkins to your guests in this ingenious and elegant Stone Napkin Holder. Cradling napkins on a gently curved metal alloy bed, the accompanying polished stone keeps your napkins in place with sleek design. Great during windy times while dining al fresco or use indoors to entertain compliments from your guests at any breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Next time you have a picnic

Use a napkin holder to keep your napkins from blowing away

What Do You Think of This Elegant Hand Cut Napkin Holder? - 24% Lead Crystal

This beautiful crystal napkin holder, made of the finest 24% lead crystal, will add a special touch to your dinner party.

Made in Poland, 6 Inches tall

Crystal Pinwheel Napkin Holder

Handcut Crystal Napkin holder, Mouth Blown in a Pinwheel Design, 6 Inch
Handcut Crystal Napkin holder, Mouth Blown in a Pinwheel Design, 6 Inch

This napkin holder is made from 24% lead crystal and is individually mouth blown in a pinwheel design

* measures 6 inch

* made in Poland


From cupboard to table

Use your pretty napkin holder for store and decor

Napkin Holders with Bird Motifs

VIVAZ Rondele Napkin Box Set, Recycled Aluminum, Bird
VIVAZ Rondele Napkin Box Set, Recycled Aluminum, Bird

Your polished rondele aluminum napkin box and napkin weight come with napkins and care card

* Hand made by skilled artisans in Mexico from recycled aluminum

* Napkin may vary


Do You Prefer to Use a Napkin Holder or Napkin Rings?

See results

Pretty Napkin Holder in Marigold - 4 other Colors are Available

Mamma Ro Napkin Holder, Marigold
Mamma Ro Napkin Holder, Marigold

This napkin holder is handmade of all natural Italian earthenware pottery


Thanks for Looking at My Selection of Napkin Holders

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