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Natural Buckwheat Pillows For Comfort And Good Posture While Sleeping

Updated on January 7, 2011

I Use a Buckwheat Pillow and Would Not Change Back

I have been sleeping with a buckwheat pillow for several years now, and would not want to change back to an ordinary pillow. The buckwheat pillow is an excellent, very natural product which will long out-last the life of any other type of pillow. Not only that, but it encourages the correct support and alignment of your head, neck and spine, so that you maintain a good posture while you sleep. I very much prefer the buckwheat pillow to a memory foam pillow, for example, as I am not keen on the sinking feeling you get whilst lying on the latter, with the pillow rising up somewhat around you.  A buckwheat pillow is much firmer. Also, air circulates easily within a buckwheat pillow, whereas memory foam can become quite hot.

The husks inside a buckwheat pillow
The husks inside a buckwheat pillow

What is a Buckwheat Pillow Anyway?

A buckwheat pillow is a natural pillow filled with the husks of the buckwheat kernel (actually buckwheat is a fruit, related to rhubarb).  The fibrous husks which protected the internal buckwheat kernel are excellent as a filler for a pillow because they retain shape easily, springing back and remaining unaffected by flattening and compression.  In fact, buckwheat husks can become even better after use, unlike a foam pillow which will flatten and deteriote in time. 

An Old Tradition

A buckwheat pillow is not a new concept but a very old one. In Japan, buckwheat pillows are commonly used, even today, and in Korea a child is typically presented with a buckwheat pillow by his or her grandmother.

When you lie on a buckwheat pillow for the first time, you will notice that is does make a slight rustling sound, rather like that of a beanbag, but you should get used to this very quickly - it doesn't bother me at all.   It does feel different to the type of pillow you are probably used to, but again this should not be a problem and you will quickly become accustomed to it. You can wash the case by taking out the buckwheat husks and storing them in a bag if you choose to, and also adjust the amount of husks within the pillow by taking some out, or even adding some if you purchase an inexpensive bag of husks.

Health Benefits of Buckwheat Pillows

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, a buckwheat husk pillow provides excellent support for your head, neck and spine.  Your head will create a natural, cushioned hollow within the pillow as you sleep so that your head and neck is held in good alignment.  A buckwheat pillow can help with ailments such as migraines and headaches, muscle tension and sluggishness. 

Air Circulation

Air circulates easily within a buckwheat pillow, preventing your head from getting too hot as it inevitably can with pillows made from other materials. This enables you to get a better nights sleep, as you are not constantly waking after becoming uncomfortably warm. Moisture and perspiration is also eliminated from the pillow, making it an altogether healthier product.

Organic Buckwheat Pillow with Lavender

 This pillow has been made using organic buckwheat grown in the U.S.  It includes a sachet of natural lavender which has long been known for its abilities to induce rest and relaxtion.  Simply add the amount of lavender to suit you.

Choose a Buckwheat Pillow and Don't Look Back

As I said before, I have been using a buckwheat pillow for several years now, and have not looked back. In fact, I have the same pillow that I started with, and it is still as comfortable and supportive as it was the day I got it. These pillows really do last for a long time, and the quality is usually excellent. I prefer an organic pillow, as it gives you the peace of mind that no unneccesary chemicals have been used during either harvesting of the buckwheat or production. In my opinion, natural is always best and healthiest.


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