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Natural Ionizers: Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps

Updated on January 15, 2012

Several years ago someone gave me a Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamp as a gift, and it is one of the most beautiful items for the home that I have ever owned. The lamps give off a glowing hue which creates a feeling of warm relaxtion and contentment - but a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is much more than just a pretty accessory. In fact, a Rock Salt Lamp can benefically affect health and wellbeing because it fills the surrounding air with therapeutic negative ions. Negative ions are abundant in nature - for instance in tropical forests, around waterfalls and in any place where there are many thriving plants and trees. In our modern lifestyles, much of our synthetic environments are unbalanced with high amounts of positive ions which can impair health and interfere with serotonin levels in the brain. In turn, this can lead to feelings of depression and a general feeling of malaise. Perhaps you have heard of Sick Building Syndrome? Sick Building Syndrome is the name given to describe a range of ailments such as headaches, eye and throat irritation, dry and itchy skin, lethargy, concentration problems and even breathing problems and raised blood pressure. The key factor is that sufferers are affected by these symptoms during the time they spend in a certain building (often a modern, open plan, air conditioned office) but the symptoms fade once they leave the premises.

Negative Ions and Our Environment

Negative Ions are charged particles in the air caused when high amounts of energy (such as the energy of a waterfall or ocean) causes electrons to become displaced. These electrons then attach themselves to molecules in the air which then become negative. In nature, negative ions are everywhere. It is certainly no coincidence that, simply by surrounding ourselves by nature, we can feel calm, content and peaceful. Unfortunately, the opposite scenario is prevalent in many of our modern homes and workplaces. Electrostatic fields from synthetic components such as computer and TV screens, other electrical and electronic equipment like microwaves and air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, man-made materials found in carpets, furnishings and clothes, and even plastics can attract negative ions from the air and replace them with positive ions. The result is that we are left with an environment that is unbalanced and far from therapeutic. We may feel off par, but we don't even know why. The problem is that we need negative ions in our environment for our own wellbeing, but all too often in our modern towns and cities the negative ion count is far too low whereas the positive ion count is very high.

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps as Ionizers

Using an ionizer can put negative ions back into the atmosphere, thus recreating a healthy living and working space. A Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamp is a natural ionizer. This pure, natural rock salt deposit was first discovered over 2000 years ago, deep in the Himalayan Mountains. In actual fact, it has been in existence for 250 million years and is the purest salt you can find. Himalayan rock salt originates from the primal seas and became crystallised deep in the mountains as the seas dried up. It contains 80 trace elements which clean the air and are beneficial for good health - these are the same elements that are found in our own bodies. Today the rock salt is hand-chipped from the mine and used by artisans to create these stunning, handcrafted lamps (amongst other things), which are a true asset to any living or work space.

The effects of Himalayan rock salt are well known. Scientific findings have indicated that when a rock salt lamp is lit and warmed, it will increase the amount of negative ions in a room by a massive 600%. The physical and chemical properties of the salt can help to neutralize the air, thus removing the build up of electromagnetic smog. In addition, the salt can clean the air from dust and dust mites, tobacco smoke, pollens and mold spores. The overall result is a beneficial impact on the mind, body and spirit - deeper relaxation, less stress and a more contented mindset.

How to Look After Your Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps are fairly maintenance free. There are, however, a few points that are worthy of a mention. The most important point is that the lamps should not be placed in any areas which are affected by high humidity. This is because the rock salt is naturally hygroscophic, which means that it will attract moisture from the atmosphere which then changes or alters its structure. If you do find that your rock salt lamp is wet, you should be able to rectify the problem simply by turning on the bulb and allowing the heat to gently dry it back to its former state. Before doing this, ensure that the electrical fittings inside are completely dry.

You can clean your lamp using a dry cloth or a soft, bristled brush. I like to use a microfibre cloth on my lamp, which gently removes any dust or dirt.

A Beautiful and Therapeutic Gift

A Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamp will make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one. When turned on, these pinky, orange lamps are truly stunning and will become the focal point of any living room. The warm glow is serene, soothing and calm. On top of that, you can feel confident that you have given a remarkable gift not only from the Himalayan mountains, but from the primal seas of ancient times.


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