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Getting rid of fruit flies the natural way

Updated on November 28, 2014

Getting rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies are small, annoying flies, which are targeting fruit, your kitchen and your bathroom. They love rotting fruit and beverage leftovers and calories. Here are some quick and natural ways to get rid of the little pests - fast.

This is one of my how to live green tips for home and garden.

You will need

You will need:

- Apple Cider Vinegar

- small bowls or plastic containers

- clear wrap

- a few minutes

Put it together

1) Fill a quarter of your container or bowl with Apple Cider Vinegar

2) Cover tight with clear wrap

3) Poke small holes in the wrap - big enough for them to crawl through, but not too big

4) Strategically place the traps where the little flies are a nuisiance: kitchen, bathroom, close to plants

See results

Within days you will see the perky little pests collect in your trap. I had set up three traps and was completely fruit fly free within one week, yay!

Some added measurements

Pour boiling water down your drains. That will kill the fruit flies living in your drain and disposal. I would pour the boiling water at night and cover the opening with a paper towel. I repeated this procedure for three days in addition to my traps.

~~~ Happy trapping and good luck on your fruit fly mission ~~~~

Get your wrap on here! - saran wrap and more ...

Show us your love - Has this home remedy helped you get rid of fruit flies? Would you like to share your own natural trick to conquer fruit flies?

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