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Nautical Wine Bottle Stoppers

Updated on November 28, 2014

Nautical Wine Bottle Stoppers

What would you do with a nautical wine bottle stopper? Keep it or gift it! It's up to you. Some of the ones shown on this page are just irresistible if you love either a nice Chardonnay or the sea.

I'm betting you'd be proud to display any of these cute stoppers in your home or on your boat, or that you'll love giving one as a gift. Do you have a friend or family member who's a wine lover? Choose a couple to add to a gift basket, and they'll no doubt be thrilled!

You'll see quite a variety of nautical toppers on this page . . . from blown glass to pewter and ceramic toppers, with both natural cork and synthetic stoppers. These little treasures will turn a plain jug of wine into a real eye catcher!

Mix and match or buy more than one of the same design, and display them prominently in your home.

Your ocean-loving friends will get a kick out of your nautical wile bottle topper collection!

Image: Nautical Themed "Savor" Stopper

An Ideal Hostess Gift - Nautical Themed Wine Bottle Stopper

This life saver "wine savor" is so cute and unique! This is perfect for nautical lovers who also like to make an occasional toast! Use it at home or on your boat, and you can bet it will be a great conversation starter!

The nautical rope is an adorable accessory to the life saver that sits atop this nautical wine stopper. This nautical wine stopper also makes a great little hostess gift.

You might even give this as a gift with a great bottle of Port, or add it to a gift basket.

Storing Opened Wine for Later Use

Opened bottles should be sealed with a stopper and stored in the refrigerator.

Nautical Motifs - In Wine Bottle Stoppers

If your taste runs to the unusual, one of these unique toppers for your wine bottles is ready and waiting to find a place in your home.

Kate Aspen "Nautical" Anchor Bottle Stopper
Kate Aspen "Nautical" Anchor Bottle Stopper

The anchor is a favorlte nautical symbol

Epic Products Sailing Ship Pewter Bottle Stopper, 2.75-Inch
Epic Products Sailing Ship Pewter Bottle Stopper, 2.75-Inch

Another classic nautical image cast in pewter - an old sailing ship


Harvesting the Bark of a Cork Oak Tree

By Nocampo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Nocampo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons | Source
Epic Products Rowboat Picture Frame Bottle Stopper, 4.75-Inch
Epic Products Rowboat Picture Frame Bottle Stopper, 4.75-Inch

You can put a favorite picture in the rowboat atop this cork stopper


Where Does Cork Come From?

Cork for sealing bottles of wine, and other uses, comes from the bark of the cork tree. If that bottle has an actual cork, rather than a synthetic one, there's a good chance it came from Portugal.

Almost half of the world's supply of the material comes from there. Spain is the second leading supplier, with much smaller amounts coming from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and France.

You might be comforted to know that it's a renuable resource, too. The trees are only stripped of their thick bark, rather than being cut down. New bark will grow back, but it does take a while. More can be taken from the same tree in about 9 to 12 years.

Lions Paw Seashell Gift Set - Includes Stopper, 6 Charms and 20 Napkins

Makes a Welcome Hostess Gift!

This nautical gift set includes a seashell topped stopper, six seashell glass charms and 20 cocktail napkins. This makes a great hostess gift for a tasting party or for any occasion where wine is served, or for recipients who enjoy seaside pursuits.

This set comes gift boxed, as shown here, and the stopper and charms are made of blown glass, so each one is unique and beautiful!

Sailing Themes - To Adorn a Wine Bottle

Here's a variety of bottle stoppers with sea themes that are sure to bring a smile to those who love to sail on the sea.

4,000 corks

At maturity, a single cork oak tree has enough bark to make corks for about 4,000 wine bottles per harvest.

Video for Sailing Enthusiasts - The World's Fastest Sailboat

Marine Themes in Blue Glass - Fun Sea Creatures to Adorn Your Bottle

Any of the sea creatures shown here will be a lot of fun to have sitting atop your wine bottles.

Fashioncraft Murano Glass Collection Starfish Design Wine Bottle Stoppers
Fashioncraft Murano Glass Collection Starfish Design Wine Bottle Stoppers

Beautiful Italian Murano Glass sea star to shine atop your bottle of spirits.

Get these at Zazzle.  Here's my affiliate link:
Get these at Zazzle. Here's my affiliate link: | Source

Custom Invitations

For Wine Tastings and Parties

Having a party? Serving a little Merlot or other varieties?

Custom invitations are always a nice touch, and it's an easy touch to arrange when you get them from Zazzle. There are dozens of designs to choose from, any of which can be customized and ordered in just a couple of minutes. The real trick might be deciding on which of the designs you'll choose.

By Mick Stephenson mixpix 21:10, 2 April 2007 (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons
By Mick Stephenson mixpix 21:10, 2 April 2007 (CC-BY-SA-3.0), via Wikimedia Commons | Source
PlaceTile Designs BSSAIL Sailboat Bottle Stopper, Pewter
PlaceTile Designs BSSAIL Sailboat Bottle Stopper, Pewter

Solid pewter top, stainless steel bottom, with rubber gasket, for a sure seal on your bottle.


Natural Vs. Synthetic

Natural Vs. Synthetic
If you are not a wine connisseur, you may not have a preference in stopper material. But, most everynoe is aware that an unfinished bottle of wine must be properly sealed to preserve it for future use. Otherwise, it will turn bad.

Natural cork has been used for centuries, and is excellent at preserving, but the original cork can swell after extraction. Then, it becomes difficult to get back into the neck of the bottle. Tha's why you need a wine bottle stopper. Should it be natural or synthetic?

With cork. some say you may run the risk of 'cork taint' which alters the taste of the wine. This is, however a relatively low risk, occurring in far less than 10% of the time.

Synthetic stoppers, others claim, can infuse the liquid with a slight chemical taste after long storage.

There are other pros and cons on each side, and there are glass stoppers, as well.

A friend who is something of a wine devotee uses only natural cork for reds and synthetics for whites, unless there are bubbles. He ways champagnes and all sparkling wines need a tighter seal to keep the bubbly bubbling. The one at right has a gasket.

On the other hand, there are those who recommend leaving champagne completely open in the fridge for short periods of time.

It seems that the natural vs. synthetic debate is one that is far from settled, except in some people's minds.

CruiseReady is a contributor and affiliate at Zazzle, where you can find these wine glass charms.
CruiseReady is a contributor and affiliate at Zazzle, where you can find these wine glass charms. | Source

Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you would like to delight a real wine lover, make it a combination gift. Combine an especially A pleasing wine bottle stopper with one of the following:

  1. A bottle of their favorite wine
  2. A fancy corkscrew
  3. An electric wine bottle opener
  4. A set of wine glass charms, like the ones shown here
  5. A wine bottle caddy

The set of four nautical wine glass charms shown here are available from on demand printer Zazzle.

Your Preference: Natural Or Synthetic

Which type of stoppers do you use to close your opened wine bottles?

See results

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