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Neat-Oh! Toy Box Playmat

Updated on January 21, 2014

Neat-Oh!, a household name in the toys & games industry, has made this large, vibrantly colored and child-friendly ZipBin playmat is an excellent choice for both children, who are eager to unleash their bursting creativity and parents who are constantly looking to maintain a conspicuously neat appearance of the children s rooms. Boasting amazing functionality, versatility, portability, durability, robustness, convenience to use as well as impressive aesthetics, this fabulous toy storage container is also an excellent money value, making it a great purchase, according to numerous customer reviews.

Main Features

This sturdy, portable, stackable and very durable playmat features breathtaking and captivating artwork, cut handles for easier grasp, four strong and robust duty zippers for quick access to the legos as well as a sturdy and stunning lid which can be velcroed closed. Thanks to the carefully chosen high-quality materials, it meets all the standards related to child safety.

Main Benefits

  1. Optimum functionality, durability as well as versatility

    When unzipped, this durable playmat becomes both the perfect playground and playmate for any child above the age of three who wants to put his/her creativity to test. After playtime, all the legos can be conveniently pushed back onto the mat and then zip this spacious toy bin. When zipped, it helps provide an uncluttered and tidy aspect of the room, much to the parents delight and with no effort on their part whatsoever.

  2. Excellent practicality- easy to use (open/shut) and to carry, even by a small child.

    Although it is a sturdy toy storage container, it is also lightweight, which makes it accessible to any child, who in turn learns that cleaning up his/her room is fairly easy and fun. Moreover, your child will appreciate having a vividly colored toy storage container to keep his/her finished Lego items or his Lego works in progress.

  3. Stunning Artwork and Great value for money.The desirable, neat and aesthetically appealing appearance of this playmat supports the well-ordered aspect of the room while providing a splash of color which enhances your specific interior design features. This large toy bin is also ridiculously affordable considering its durability, sturdiness and strength.


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