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Negotiate Lower Interest Rates

Updated on June 29, 2011

The fact is that the same negotiating principals which works for the pros will be useful and helpful for you too. You do not need to be an oily hair guy or wear a $1000 Armani suit in order to negotiate better credit card terms.

It doesn’t matter if you do not manage to reach best rates. Once you begin negotiating; haggling everything, you will get better terms and rates, and that is worth a lot of money! So check below to learn some tips how to be a negotiator.

Negotiation Tips For Lower Rates

Rule No’ 1 – Negotiate Everything
A very talented negotiator guru named Herb Cohen once said “You will never make money than you would around the negotiating table!” and he was right! Think that you negotiate with someone and press them with a “try harder” pitch line and they cut off $100 from their last offer. When was the last time you earned $100 in 30 seconds?

Power Of Options

One of the basic powerful tools in negotiation is called the Power of Options. This is the power to ‘walk from the deal’ to ‘leave the table’. You do not have to really walk from the deal, but the other side needs to think you have the option to do that… Most customers feel they do not have any leverage power because they lack the power of options.

Negotiate Interest Rates Like John Wayne
It is no secret that the people who have the highest credit score do get the best rates. Rates you just can dream about will be offered to people who have a 800 credit score. You will not learn here how to get a 800 credit score, but the important thing is if you want to be mistaken as John Wayne, you better learn to walk like John Wayne.

And this means to Get 800 CREDIT SCORE!

More Negotiation Tips


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      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Good article.