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Nest Intelligent Energy Efficient Home Thermostat

Updated on December 23, 2012

Sleek. Modern. Intelligent: The self learning Nest thermostat anticipates your needs & knows the weather outside

Your home thermostat is important. It controls half your energy bill.According to Nest, 20% of your home's energy is wasted. What can we do to cut down on this energy (and money!) waste? Nest says it has the answer in its new Nest self learning thermostat.

When I recently saw an advertisement in a magazine for the new Nest learning thermostat, I was immediately attracted to its modern design, but once I read about it, I was really intrigued. Most home thermostats have several buttons and let's be truthful, most of us have no clue how to program them. We pretty much pick a number and then mash some buttons until we get the heater or the air conditioner to run. The instructions are always confusing. Well how about a home thermostat that programs itself? Would that be appealing to you? As you use it, it starts learning what temperatures you like and sets up a custom schedule for your home.

How about a home thermostat that you can control from your phone? The Nest has Wi-Fi and now we can use a phone, laptop or tablet to control the thermostat. This would be extremely helpful to save money on energy when you're not home, yet be able to remotely turn up the heat right before you leave work to go home so you can go home to a cozy house.

How about a thermostat that thinks for itself? Yep! Nest will notice when nobody's home and turns itself down. We all lead busy lives, turning the heater down is something we can leave to Nest now. Check out the rest of this page and learn more about the Nest home thermostat.

Photo by Darla Dixon of a Nest advertisement

Nest starts programming itself automatically the first time you turn the dial and in general programs itself within about a week.


Be sure to visit the website to make sure your home is compatible with the Nest before purchasing.

Nest Learning Thermostat on Amazon

Smart, learns your behavior, knows the weather outside, adjusts itself or you can adjust it remotely. You don't have to program it, it senses movement in the home.

Official Nest Video

Other places to purchase the Nest

Nest will even send you a monthly report about how much energy you used in your house and why. Currently the Nest learning thermostat is available at Amazon (links above), Newegg, the Apple Online Store, Best Buy and Lowe's.

Nest learning thermostat is available on Amazon

Self learning, sleek Nest thermostat

Nest T100577 Thermostat, Self Learning & Energy Saving

Please note this is not an official page by Nest. However, I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, ideas!

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