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New Baby Bassinet Crib Pillows

Updated on April 3, 2013

Decorating the Nursery with New Baby Bassinet Crib Pillows

Decorating the nursery with new baby bassinet crib pillows is a long time tradition in many families. Baby pillows are small designer throw pillows that are sometimes included in baby bed crib sets. Sometimes, they are not. However, they are sweet and lovely. They are available in a wide range sizes, colors and designs. There are baby pillows that especially made for the baby boy, and there are some made especially for the baby girl. Some decorative baby pillows are unisex and you can choose to use them or give them as baby shower gifts for either a baby boy or a baby girls.

Here are a few other new ideas for your baby nursery home decor theme as well as some great baby shower gift ideas whether you are celebrating the birth of a baby boy or a baby girl.

Baby Crib Pillows - pillows for sale...

Just about anyone loves the look and feel of new baby pillows. Find some great deals by visiting Amazon today.

Friendly Pillow, Pink
Friendly Pillow, Pink

Everyone needs a friend. This is why children love these adorable friendly baby pillows.


Decorating the baby nursery with colorful new baby bassinet crib pillows is fun!

New Baby Bassinet Crib Pillows

...pillows for the nursery...

Decorating the new baby nursery is always a joy for the new mom or new dad. Many parents and grandparents go to great lengths to find just the right new baby nursery colors, themes, styles and designs to enhance the atmosphere they create, The good news is that there are so many different and colorful baby pillows to mix and match to complete the appearance of a new baby nursery decorating theme. Whether you are decorating the baby's room in blue, pink, yellow, green, peach, purple or sage, you can find some adorable new baby bed pillows today while shopping online.

Peach Sage Baby Bassinet Patchwork Pillow

This peach and sage baby bassinet patchwork pillow features lovely altered vintage art. It is an old-fashioned baby bassinet in peach with sage green ribbons or bows. The image sets in the middle of a patchwork of light green, dark green, peach and sage green. It is ideal for decorating a green, sage green or peach baby nursery for either a new baby boy or a new baby girl.

New Baby Home Decor Ideas - a bid on any of your favorite baby nursery home decor ideas online today...

Placing a bid on some of these new baby items can save you some money and time when it comes to shopping for the things you and your baby will need at home. You can find some really cool new baby gift ideas for baby showers too.

Baby Blue Nursery Decor boy pillows for sale...

A new baby boy is such a joy. Babies are so precious and before you know it they are grown and walking or driving away from you to a new destination. However, you can enjoy the time you spend together as your boy grows into a man. Decorate your baby boy nursery by adding a baby blue bassinet baby crib pillow.

Blue Bassinet Baby Pillow

This blue bassinet baby pillow features altered vintage art. It is an old-fashioned baby bassinet in blue. It is adorable and makes a great baby shower gift idea.

Purple Bassinet Baby Pillow

If you love purple or the new mom loves purple and wants to decorate the baby nursery in purple this purple bassinet baby crib pillow is ideal for mixing and matching with other purple baby nursery decor items. It features a lovely old-fashioned baby bassinet in purple. It is colorful and lovely. It makes a great baby shower gift idea for anyone who plans on using a purple color theme in the nursery.

Baby Home Decor Online - ...decorating the baby's room...

While shopping for baby home decor, you can find many different types of baby items you can use to decorate your baby nursery or to give as a baby shower gift for a new mom or new dad as well as the new baby.

Yellow Bassinet Baby Pillow

Featured here is the same lovely old-fashioned baby bassinet in yellow. This yellow bassinet baby crib pillow is perfect for decorating the new baby nursery for either a baby boy or a baby girl. This baby bed pillow in yellow is also available in a yellow patchwork design similar to the other patchwork pillows on this lens or in my zazzle store. You might like to use this particular baby pillow or you might like the other. Using both adds a wonderful color accent to any yellow baby nursery decorating theme.

What do You Think about New Baby Bassinet Crib Pillows? - ...please let us know what you think about new baby bassinet crib pillows...

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