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Rochedale, QLD

Updated on March 12, 2013

New Homes in Rochedale

The explosion of new home building across Brisbane might have slowed in recent times but in Rochedale, QLD, new housing developments are going strong.

Arise at Rochedale is one such development. Rochedale is far enough away from the city centre to be peaceful and tranquil, yet close enough to be very convenient.

Rochedale and its sister suburb Rochedale South border Mt Gravatt, Springwood, Underwood, Eight Mile Plains and Macgreggor.

Rochedale and Rochedale south are made up of a small bio-diverse lifestyles. Much of the area is still semi -open spaces with small farms and acreage house blocks. There is still bushland and koala habitats and Rochedale Park is a centre for relaxation. The existing housing estates of Rochedale South complement the area with a happy community that is not squashed into city style living.

Skateboarding at Rochedale Park

Rochedale Park at Rochedale, QLD.

Water Dragon at Rochedale Park

24 Hour Locksmith Water Dragon
24 Hour Locksmith Water Dragon

This is a Water Dragon living at Rochedale Park in the lake.

Water Dragons usually live around water ways. If they sense any danger they will drop from a tree until

Water Dragon out of the Water at Rochedlae

This is a Water Dragon out of the water at Rochedale
This is a Water Dragon out of the water at Rochedale

Here is a Water Dragon sunning himself on a small log near the water at Rochedale Park

Rochedale Farming land becoming houses
Rochedale Farming land becoming houses

Farming land becoming homes

The new homes at Rochedale are being built on what was rich farming land. I can only imagine what you could grow in your back yard in one of the new Rochedale red soil homes. Some of the small farms are still productive in Rochedale growing small crops, flowers, bananas and strawberries to name just a few.

Plovers in Rochedale

The Spur Wing Plover lays their eggs on the ground. They like open areas with short grass. The eggs are well camouflaged and the mother and father plover stand and walk away from the eggs so not to disclose their location.

The plovers will protect their nests and will attack people if they get too close. They have a spurs which will cause injury if you are not careful.

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Rochedale, QLd, Australia

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Rochedale photos

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Kids in park at Rochedale ParkGeese at RochedaleRochedale Park lakeRochedale GooseMoor Hen at RochedaleDucks in the lake at RochedaleRochedale ParkRochedale Park brookLake walk at RochedaleRochedale
Kids in park at Rochedale Park
Kids in park at Rochedale Park
Geese at Rochedale
Geese at Rochedale
Rochedale Park lake
Rochedale Park lake
Rochedale Goose
Rochedale Goose
Moor Hen at Rochedale
Moor Hen at Rochedale
Ducks in the lake at Rochedale
Ducks in the lake at Rochedale
Rochedale Park
Rochedale Park
Rochedale Park brook
Rochedale Park brook
Lake walk at Rochedale
Lake walk at Rochedale

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      5 years ago

      The water dragon is so cute.


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