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Superb wine storage in the NewAir AW-181E

Updated on December 20, 2012

NewAir AW-181E

NewAir AW-181E is perfect for any wine-lover that are looking for a small wine refrigerator that fits in the kitchen.

This under the counter model have room for 18 bottles, perfect for diner parties, or just to have a fine selection ready at any circumstance.

The stainless steel finish make the NewAir AW-181E look sophisticated and elegant in any house or apartment.

The perfect gift for any wine lover redecorating or just as a special something for your self.

NewAir AW-181E Features

The NewAir AW-181E is receiving great reviews as a entry level wine cooler. The compact size makes if perfect for us that just like to have a small selection of fine wines that we don't want to ruin by storing them incorrectly. The elegant design makes it a modern, but sophisticated furniture that most homes will enjoy.

Even if the wine cooler is popular there are as usually not a perfect match for everyone. 18 bottles makes i one of the smaller wine coolers. If you need more room, one of the larger NewAir cabinets might suit you better.

To help you deiced what wine cooler cabinet is the best match for you, we have listed some of the most heard pros and cons bellow:


Quite and vibration free cooling of your wine.

Insulated door maintains the temperature for optimal storage

A compact design that makes it fit perfect in any room


Only one cooling zone

Larger than standard bottles do not fit in the racks.

NewAir AW-181E Reviews

Here are some of the NewAir AW-181E reviews that customers have made.

The frist one is from aniblue:

I settled on the New Air model because it seemed to me it fulfilled all my requirements: good quality, right size, good looking and great value.

S. Wen have said this about the wine cooler:

I just recieved the wine cooler. I have to say its pretty amazing. The build is top notch. Very comparable to my friends Vinotemp but hundreds $$$ less.

The last review is from George:

This product is better than I expected. I bought it for my dad and he has been more than satisfied.

Newair AW 181E Commercial

Check this commercial from Air & Water to get a good impression on what the Newair wine coolers look like and how they store your wine in perfect conditions.

Get ready to fill your new wine cabinet

Get ready to fill your new wine cabinet
Get ready to fill your new wine cabinet

Why should I get a Wine Cooler?

3 years ago I spent the summer in Italy, the home of my favorite wines. The suitcase home was filled with some, for my wallet, expensive wines that I planned to serve at an upcoming anniversary. Since I didn't have any where to store the wine, I stuffed it into the back of one of the kitchen cabinets. A few days before the big day I got the wine out and noticed that one of the bottle looked unclear. As I had some spare bottles I decided to taste the wine. The first bottle I opened was terrible. The smell of vinegar was overwhelming. I opened another and I even if the smell was not as bad, the wine did not taste as it did in Italy. To be sure I went to local wine boutique and got some new bottles, just to be on the safe side. It later turned out that the only bag bottle was the first one, and the second was good, but my pallets was just turned off by the first bottle. I can't be sure that i wine cooler would have saved the first bad bottle, but to make sure I always have the odds on my side, I keep all my finer wines in a cabinet.

Newair AW 181e

Buy it now at

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If you own a Newair wine cooler cabinet, please let us know what you think of it.

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