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NewAir AW-210ED 21 Bottle Dual Zone

Updated on August 29, 2017

Newair AW 210ED 21-bottle dual Zone Wine Cooler

Newair AW 210ED 21-bottle is made for wine lovers that want both red and white wine stored at perfect temperatures in the kitchen.

The state of the art thermoelectric cooling system make the cabinet silent and vibration free for optimal storage.

The larges zone have room for 15 bottles and the smaller compartment fits 6 bottles. The two zones are controlled separate so you can choose the temperature for the zones.

Why is wine storage so important?

A good wine can be stored for years, but the same wine could be ruined in a few hours.

The best way to ruin a fine wine is to store it too warm. Let the wine lay in the trunk of the car for a day in the sun and it might be ruined before you get home. If traveling with wine, you should make sure you don't let it sit in the sun at all.

When storing wine make sure to lay them down. The new plastic corks do not need the moisture to keep sealed, but just make it a habit as most still uses natural corks.

Constant temperature is also extremely important. If it is 5 deg C (40 deg F) or 18 (65 F) is not the most important as long as it constant. Some say that even 21C (75F) is better for the wine than daily changes within the optimal range (12-16 deg C).

So if you don't have a cellar, you should consider a Wine Cooler. IF you enjoy good wine and start to collect a few bottles from your favorite vineyards, it's the best way to make sure you can enjoy it again in a few years.

Do you store your wine in a proper way?

NewAir AW210ED 21 bottle dual zone wine cooler in all its glory!

NewAir AW210ED 21 bottle dual zone wine cooler in all its glory!
NewAir AW210ED 21 bottle dual zone wine cooler in all its glory!

How to store wine


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