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Non lethal mouse traps

Updated on January 9, 2013

Looking for non lethal mouse traps?

Non lethal mouse traps bring two main benefits to your home and garden. Pest control and a clear concience.

Not all of us are that dear to killing and many people prefer a more ecological way of pest management. Why should't both you and the poor mouse walk away alive? In this blog i will show you various non lethal, mouse friendly traps and where to get them.

There are few solutions better than releasing a live animal back to its home of nature, especially if the alternative is throwing a dead animal into the trash as if it were an object!

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On non lethal mouse traps

What are Non lethal mouse traps?

Catch and release traps, humane traps or eco friendly traps are ways of removing mice and other rodents from your household without harming them.

If you care about animal suffering or you just want to capture a rodent, the following traps will serve you well. People should be aware that animals deserve respect for they are living creatures just like us and valuable members of the ecosystem. Few if any organisms do only harm and mice and other rodents are no different.

Mice can cause your harvests and winter supplies of food to degrade by damaging them or eating them entirely. Also consider the health factor of mice and rodents as carries of disease.

These traps, depending on the amount you own will provide a reliable way of pest control for your home and garden. For larger threats to farms and fields other methods should also be used.

Why non lethal mouse traps?

Why non lethal mouse traps, what is in it for me?

Non lethal mouse traps provide various benefits to both the users!

The trap owner gains:

- An easy way of removing pests

- A way of ecologically handling various rodents, meaning a friendly, cooperative way of removing them

- A reusable way of pest removal. There are few methods as friendly to the pocket as a simple trap that catches a mouse. No need for glues, smoke bombs and other methods that need to be rebought and maintained

- Safety. Poisons, poisoned baits and even mechanical traps can be dangerous to people, especially children.

The animal gets:

- Another day to live and enjoy life

Non lethal mouse trap number one - This is the mouse trap i recommend

This trap is my recommended one.

- Made out of mesh, steel and galvanized means it is resistant to any attempts to escape and quite resistant to rust as well!

- This is a two door version of the trap, meaning it has two entrance points!

- It is partialy opened, making sure the mouse does not panic or go into shock (mice are prone to do that)


- This trap is very cheap comparing to some others!

Non lethal mouse trap number two - This one is more of a general purpose mouse trap

This trap is great! The only reason i did not put it at the top of the list is its cost.

Besides all that the number one trap offers (besides the cost and the two entrances), this trap is useful for catching chipmunks, rats, and squirrels, meaning larger animals as well!

To sum up:

- It is sturdy

- Not fully enclosed

- Useful for catching larger animals than mice as well

Non lethal mouse trap number three - This one is a decent, yet barely humane trap

This trap offers many benefits:

- It is cheap

- Comes in a pack of two

- Has seethrough walls

- Sturdy plastic

This trap is better than the number four version, because it provides light, so the mouse does not panic, The movement space is limited though, so this trap is not as humane as i would desire!

Non lethal mouse trap number four - A plastic mouse trap.

This mouse trap is quite popular and made of plastic. I recommend this trap for capturing small mice and for use in damp spaces. Otherwise this trap is unique in its design, it tips over and shuts itself.

Many people are very satisfied with this one, but some do not like the fact that it shuts all the way (it scares the mouse, meaning they sometimes go into shock) as well as the fact that it is made of plastic that can be chew through. Funny stories of mice chewing their way INTO the trap come to mind!

All in all a decent trap!

Non lethal mouse trap on sale! - This one is cheap!

This trap got my attention because it is very cheap. At this time, while it lasts, this trap is a bargain.


- Open design (not a black, dark box!)

- Sturdy

- Cheap, on sale at the moment

- Two door design

Recommended mouse trap bait

How to bait the mouse into your trap?

Here is a quick list of various foods used to catch mice:

- Peanut butter with some grain or grain flour

- Nuts

- Seeds, such as sunflower seeds

- A piece of dried cat food or a chunk of dry dog food

- Small piece of bacon

Cleaning up after a mouse catch

What to do after you have caught all the mice?

Clean up time!

After you caught the mice that were causing you problems (and released them far enough away from your home), make sure you take the time to make sure you close any potential ways of new arrivals, as well as cleaning up any mouse droppings. Be carefull to thermally process any food eaten by mice or rodents, making sure you do not get exposed to any disease.

Comments - On non lethal mouse traps blog.

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    • profile image

      susan 2 years ago

      this is a hamster with a short tail and a mouse has a long tail

    • profile image

      BookLoverFrank 4 years ago

      Yes, I like these. I've used and recommend the Kness tip trap. Mickey loves you for this.

    • audrey07 profile image

      audrey07 4 years ago

      These traps are certainly more humane. And they are affordable too for an economical way to get rid of rats at home.